A Romanian Church Serves Refugees from Ukraine

Alexe and his church have compassion for the refugees from Ukraine crossing into Romania at the rate of 500 every hour

Five Hundred Every Hour

Christians in countries neighboring Ukraine are serving the refugees fleeing bombs and invading armies. Pastor Alexe Costea serves at Alpha and Omega Church in Comani, Romania. He and his church have compassion for the refugees from Ukraine crossing into Romania at the rate of 500 every hour. This is the first wave of refugees.

As the war in Ukraine intensifies, more people will be coming. They will be desperate, poor, and hungry. Alexe is using a van that God provided through Live Global to meet refugees from Ukraine at the Romanian border. He transports them to shelter and safety at his church.

A Safe Staging Area

Alexe, his wife Veronica, and Alpha and Omega church want to provide a safe staging area for Ukrainian refugees during this crisis. They will provide safety, food, rest, and Good News to people fleeing to Romania. They will help to reunite them with family members in other places or to move on to caring churches in other countries. They will encourage the refugees with hope, sharing the message of the Gospel that transcends the horrors of war.

refugees from ukraine

Alexe Needs Your Help

How can you help through Live Global? In one way, you already have! The van that Alexe is using right now to transport refugees from Ukraine was purchased just a few weeks ago because North Americans gave financially to help support Alexe’s ministry.

But now, they need another van. This will help Alexe’s team increase the number of refugees who can be transported. The building where Alpha and Omega Church meets is not designed for refugee housing right now, but they can adapt it to provide bathrooms, an improved kitchen, and sleeping areas for more people. Alexe needs to hire helpers to serve the refugees.

Please pray for safety during the long trips in the van. Pray for God’s provision of material needs. Pray for the Good News to find fertile soil in open hearts. Pray for more laborers with compassion for hurting people.


  • Safety during travel
  • Provision of food and clothing
  • Open hearts for the Gospel


  • Van
  • Building adaptations and equipment
  • Ministry staff