Why Partner with Nationals to Do Missions?

Western missionaries often define partnering with nationals as moving into a country as a PAUL looking for a national Timothy and Titus to minister to. Live Global is different as we partner with nationals. We go as a BARNABUS looking for in-country national PAULs who make Timothy and Titus leaders within their own culture.
rumble from earthquake
Global Missions

Still Serving After the Earthquake In Türkiye and Syria

When we in North America saw the news reports, photos, and videos of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, we might have felt helpless. Our heart asks questions and makes reasonable excuses: “What can we do from so far away?” “Would the little I can give make a difference?” “I don’t speak their language.” That’s why national partnership ministry is so valuable. You actually can make a difference through partnering with Live Global’s national ministry partners like Robin and Salina*!