Partner Update

Partner Update

Hope from Ukraine Two Years Later

Christians still live in Ukraine and work each day to make disciples of their broken nation. One couple we call M&M wrote this: "In spite of the danger and difficulty of the situation, we see God bringing us through it all and giving us peace in our hearts. I would not want you to read my letter and think that we are unhappy people, no, we are happy and satisfied with our lives, we have chosen this path and do not complain. And I am sure that God keeps us, thanks to your prayers. So I ask you not to forget us when you talk to the Father."
Partner Update

Partner with a Missions Training Camp in Paraguay

It’s normal for American Christians to hear of and attend missions conferences in the United States as we often ponder whether God is sending us on mission or if we should be involved in sending others. But do you know that Christians in other countries, like Paraguay, attend missions training events as well? You can personally send one person to the missions training camp in Paraguay and pray that God works in their heart for Kingdom work.
Global Partnership

Theological Teaching in Brazil: In Seminaries and Even On Instagram

“At this moment one of the most urgent needs of the church in Brazil is for more theological lecturers, writers, teachers, thinkers, and of course, preachers with the highest academic level and combining the passion evident in many new evangelical Christians with sound Biblical understanding.” - Diego in Brazil Diego and his wife Ana use creative outlets (even Instagram!) to share theological teaching in Brazil.