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Theological Teaching in Brazil: In Seminaries and Even On Instagram

“At this moment one of the most urgent needs of the church in Brazil is for more theological lecturers, writers, teachers, thinkers, and of course, preachers with the highest academic level and combining the passion evident in many new evangelical Christians with sound Biblical understanding.” - Diego in Brazil Diego and his wife Ana use creative outlets (even Instagram!) to share theological teaching in Brazil. 
Partner Update

Afghan Christian Shares the Ancient Path

Ilyas was in a refugee camp, surrounded by other displaced people from Afghanistan. In the camp, he could share his beloved Gospel but desired to dive into the ancient connection between God’s big story and his biblical people group. Ilyas found The Ancient Path booklet online, which helps explain that Jesus is not a Western God, and began translating it immediately to use with his fellow Afghans as He shared the Good News.
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How Giving to the Christmas Catalog Impacts the Nations

We love that every gift request listed on the Global Gifts Christmas catalog came from a trusted, known friend doing ministry in their own cultural context. The donations that come in do not go to a black hole, but rather go to an individual who loves Jesus and loves to bless others with the gospel. Here are three stories from Christmas last year that highlight how your giving impacts the nations for Christ.