serve in high-impact missions

Serve in High-Impact Missions

Serve alongside nationals God is already using

We effectively serve in high-impact missions under the leadership of our national partners

Make a Lasting Impact

Unbelievers respond best to someone of their own culture and national believers have longevity in their own countries.

Meet Real Needs

As nationals serve on the front lines, they know best how North Americans can meet specific needs.

Serve in High-Impact Missions with Your Skills, Strengths, and Experience

We believe every skill set, strength, experience, career, and resource can be used to build God’s Kingdom.

Custom Service Tracks

Whether you have one year, one week, or the rest of your life to serve with us, our custom service tracks offer opportunities that fit your schedule. 

Live Overseas for Missions

Whether you want to move overseas to live alongside a national partner, or be based in North America, we have opportunities for both.

paul serving in high-impact missions

Paul and Hannah* invite a nurse to serve in high-impact missions


Paul (a former medical doctor) and Hannah from India lead a multi-faceted ministry in the center one of India’s biggest cities. They do it all—from church planting to outreach in the slums and universities. Paul and Hannah are eager to build more relationships, and had an idea. They want to offer specialized medical services to people in their community using a special diagnostic tool. Paul and Hannah invited Rachel, who is a nurse from North America, to live near them in India and offer these medical services alongside them as they serve.

*Names changed for security

Leverage Your Skill Set and Experience to Make an Impact

Serving with Business as Mission

Live Global Business As Mission is building a community of Christian professionals that aid, mentor, and disciple international Christian business and ministry leaders.