“They Feel Hopeless and They Are Searching”

“Before, they would be afraid of family and neighbors. Now they don’t care. They feel hopeless and they are searching,” Tungpi said.

“People are more open than ever. They will accept an invitation to gather and listen. Before, they would be afraid of family and neighbors. Now they don’t care. They feel hopeless and they are searching,” Tungpi said.

A Year After the Coup, Water Is Scarce

Live Global partner Tungpi in Myanmar has made us aware of the continuing impact of the military junta’s war.

“Some days we only have 2 hours of electricity. In the countryside, the people have wells and they can find water in rivers and ponds. In the city we are dependent on electric pumps and the city water system. Some days people have no water for cooking, bathing, the bathroom or even drinking. We walk with containers to where trucks come and bring enough water for a few days,” Tungpi said.

In spite of these challenges, Tungpi continues to find ways to gather people. 

Gathering for the Gospel Anyway

By the grace of God, Tungpi had permission to have an evangelistic meeting in a suburb outside Yangon. They gathered about 70 people, had some testimonies and singing, and then passed out The Ancient Path—a Gospel booklet explaining Christianity from an Eastern perspective.

“Because some people can’t read, they only enjoy the pictures. I explain page by page so they can clearly understand the whole story of the Bible,” Tungpi said.

Tungpi’s method is to teach through The Ancient Path, explaining the images and the Bible passages.

After explaining what the Bible is all about, Tungpi’s team provides a meal for the people. As they meet this physical need, the team mingles with the people and engages them in one-on-one conversations, answering questions and encouraging them to attend a Bible study in the future.

“They are also hungry to understand the purpose of life how they can get through these hard times. Pray for their hearts to stay open to Jesus Christ. We will return to follow up.”

People reading The Ancient Path
People reading The Ancient Path

Adapting to Continue Gospel Work

Power cuts, lack of medicine, and rising food prices are becoming a way of life in Myanmar. Everything is getting expensive, but even under these conditions, Live Global partners find ways to adapt and continue the Gospel work. Tungpi was still able to send The Ancient Path booklets around the country. 

Evangelists and pastors are requesting copies of The Ancient Path. After two years of the pandemic and one year of the coup, the people in Myanmar are starving for food—physically and spiritually.

The Best Time to Share the Gospel

“People live in fear. Because of that people are doubting one another. Now, they know and understand that they cannot rely on anybody. Therefore, it is the best time to share the Gospel,” Tungpi said.

Live Global is planning to provide water filters for those in need of drinking water, plus basic food items and some medical assistance during the summer months. You can be a part of this effort. 

Relief for Every Day Needs:

  1. A pack of rice – $10
  2. A bottle of oil – $ 5
  3. A dozen eggs – $ 3
  4. A pack of salt – $ 2
  5. A pack of soap – $ 6

TOTAL – $26 per family