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About The Afghan Initiative

When the United States finished pulling its armed forces out of Afghanistan in August of 2021, the Taliban quickly took control of the country, including Kabul. As a consequence, Afghani pastors and ministry leaders were persecuted into fleeing the country with their families for the protection of their lives.

But God has a new plan for these Christian ministers and Live Global is excited to invite you to be a part of it.

From Underground to the Unreached

Through God-orchestrated connections across the United States and the world, Live Global has been given the opportunity to personally connect with these Afghan families who currently live in refugee camps in other countries of the Middle East. It's our pleasure and desire to sponsor religious visas for these Afghan families to live in the United States to do ministry among the Afghan diaspora in our own backyards.

Sponsor an Afghan Family

This is where you come in. Live Global is looking for sponsoring churches and individuals to provide housing, food, transportation, and ministry expenses for these Afghan families to be able to live and serve Christ in the United States for at least the next two and a half years—the duration of the first term religious visa.

Quotes from Our Afghani Friends

  • “I found a very real treasure in Christ – regardless of what happens in Afghanistan”
  • "You have no idea who I was before Christ. I was a terrible man. God has transformed me.”
  • “My desire and dream is that God would connect me to a larger organization because I have a calling from God. I have prayed for this for years.”
  • “I have a passion for the 3rd world – to reach Iran, Somalia and Sudan”

Make a Difference

Your giving enables ministry work like this to continue. Please consider joining us financially in this work.
  • Pray that God provides sponsoring churches and individuals for each Afghan family Live Global has been connected with to come to the United States.
  • Pray that God would keep these Afghan families in His care while they wait for resettlement.
  • Pray that God would plant many new churches among Afghani Muslims in the United States through the work of our Afghani friends.
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