Our 11 Afghan Families: Where Are They Now?

Our first Afghan family arrived in the United States in September and our last arrived in mid-October. Where are they now?

Our first Afghan family arrived in the United States in September and our last arrived in mid-October. It has a been beautiful time of rejoicing, celebration, rest, and worshiping our God of miracles since then. Of course, these precious families have experienced culture shock and many adjustments mixed in.


God providentially led two families to the Western United States and three to the East.

The Unexpected Canada Diversion

In an unexpected turn of events occured after the United States withdrew from the refugee camp in the Middle East on August 17, 2022. This is where our 11 Afghan Initiative families had been living since August of 2021. When the US withdrew, they left behind many people, including our families.

Thankfully, Canada stepped up and took those from religious minorities and others totaling over 1,000 people, including our Christian brothers and sisters. The US Embassy continued to work on our 11 Afghan families’ cases, but Canada’s Embassy worked faster. Out of the 11 families, six were taken to Canada.

Live Global, EveryEthne, and ABWE are continuing to work with some local Canadian churches and ministries to help get many of these Christian Afghans settled in. By God’s grace, they are starting to form a sizable Afghan church in Canada. 

Of our six families who ended up in Canada, ABWE is looking for how to continue working with three of those families, while the other three have requested to discontinue the partnership at this time.

graphic of afghan family placement

A Story of God’s Providence

As the US finalized their visas, one of our Afghan Initiative families was chosen to be on one of their last few flights out of the camp. This family was chosen because it’s led by a single mom. Through a wild series of events, God has led them to the West Coast where there is one of the biggest Afghan populations in the US. They believe the Lord has very clearly called them there, and already carved out a unique ministry opportunity for them through a growing and vibrant Afghan church. It’s amazing to us because we prayed that we could eventually expand into this place and God has already made it happen.

Stories of God’s Blessing

As Live Global and EveryEthne teams met the Afghans at the airport and live near them to serve alongside, they have all been sharing stories of God’s blessing upon the Afghan Initiative.

  • At a conference, one Afghan man was able to share his testimony to encourage others.
  • Another Afghan partner went to a party to welcome new Afghan refugees and met some who have been in the community longer. He also met some of his best friends from Afghanistan he was ministering to. This helped him connect with many more men in the community to start discipling.
  • One Afghan wife has been attending English classes every week with about 70 Afghan women. She is the only Christain who speaks their home language but we are praying for openness and relationships to form through this time.

Continue to pray for all 11 of our families as they settle into their new homes, adjust into their new societies, and reach their people in North America.