How to Pray for the Afghan Initiative

With interviews passed, some travel underway, and decisions being made hard and fast, here is how to pray for the Afghan Initiative.

With interviews passed, some travel underway, and decisions being made hard and fast, our Afghan partners and the North American Live Global/EveryEthne team serving them need your prayers. Here are some ways you can pray for the Afghan Initiative:

Logistics: There are so many logistical needs for our Afghan partners to thrive in North America. Please pray for God to provide them with good housing, airline tickets for a good price, and visa paperwork completed correctly and on time. Pray that our Afghan Initiative anchor churches will build strong welcome teams and care teams. Ask God that He would protect and provide everything our Afghans need on their journey and as they settle.

Peace: There are so many swirling emotions and sometimes massive shifting realities for our Afghan brothers and sisters and Live Global/EveryEthne team serving them. Pray that God would grant His comfort and peace and that we would trust Him! 

Physical Protection: We know that Satan would like to bring physical harm upon God’s servants (our Afghan brothers and the North American servant team). Pray that God would grant protection from any who would seek to harm us. 

Spiritual Protection: We also know that Satan would like even more to bring internal and spiritual harm to the Afghans and our North American servant team. Spiritual attack is especially common in the Islamic world. Pray that all of us would be aware of this and that we would be alert to the enemy’s lies and deceptive tactics that will discourage and distract us from what God has called us to do.  

Much fruit: Pray that God would bring about much spiritual fruit during this time of transition and change. Pray that God’s glory would shine through great uncertainty and newness. 

Clear Communication: Pray that God would give us the ability to be gracious, kind, and understanding with each other as we interact with each other on a daily basis. Pray for our interactions with our Afghan teams. Ask God to give us a special ability to communicate accurately with them. Pray for the communication that the Afghans have with each other.  

Resources: Pray that God would provide the resources needed to care well and to begin ministry in each location. 

Security: Pray that God would grant our Afghan friends feelings of security and that they would feel valued and cared for in this process.

Curiosity and Learner’s Heart: Pray that God would help all of the North Americans who are a part of receiving Afghans to have a curious interest and to have an asking, listening, and learning posture.  

Forgiveness: Pray for hearts filled with forgiveness as many of them have been harmed and endangered at the hands of their persecutors.

Healing: Our Afghan friends have been through much trauma and need to experience emotional and spiritual healing.

Endurance: The battle is not over when our Afghan partners arrive in North America; it only shifts. Pray for endurance all the way to heaven.