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Evangelizing Unreached People Groups with Tungpi

evangelizing unreached myanmar
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About Evangelizing Unreached People Groups with Tungpi

"My goal is to go, reach the unreached, and make disciples," Tungpi said.

About 95% of Myanmar nationals are following a god other than the God of the Bible. The vast majority of them would identify as Buddhist and some would identify with other religions. Out of this number, 84% have immediate no access to the Good news about Jesus Christ in their communities.

But God has saved many people from Myanmar already. And He's given them a desire in their hearts to reach unsaved people in their country with the Gospel. In Myanmar culture, Gospel booklet distribution is one of the most effective ways to build relationships and open people's hearts to the Gospel. Tungpi and his team mostly use the Gospel booklet called "The Ancient Path," which has been translated into Burmese among many other Asian languages.

Meet the Leader: Tungpi

tungpi Tungpi has Christian parents who faithfully shared the Word with him from a young age, and Tungpi accepted Christ during childhood. He decided to serve the Lord vocationally after high school, so he pursued a Bachelor's of Theology degree and a Master's of Divinity degree. After he graduated with both, he worked at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary (where he received his M. Div) as a professor for a few years.

While Tungpi was serving the Lord at the seminary, he met a man who had a deep burden for lost souls in Myanmar. This man was passionate about spreading the gospel in the fastest, broadest, and most effective way. Tungpi was so motivated by him for spreading the gospel in Myanmar that he joined in, reaching out to lost souls and going to many unreached villages to share the Gospel by showing evangelistic films and distributing "The Ancient Path."

Eventually Tungpi decided to leave the seminary so that he could do evangelism among unreached people groups full-time. He is still burdened to get "The Ancient Path" translated into the languages of the minority peoples in Myanmar because many of them don't even have a single book of the Bible or any other Gospel literature.

Latest Updates from Evangelizing Unreached People Groups with Tungpi

Prayer is their Primary Health Insurance

We have followed up on these conversations and seven people made a decision to follow Christ and be baptized.

"They Feel Hopeless and They Are Searching"

"Before, they would be afraid of family and neighbors. Now they don’t care. They feel hopeless and they are searching," Tungpi said.

How a Myanmar Community comes to Christ
How God Brought a Myanmar Community to Christ

God used a small group strategically as the Myanmar community leader’s daughter was one of the first who read gospel booklet.

New Believers and Disciple Makers

Tungpi began a discipleship program with 7 students, but that number grew to 17. People believe and then become disciple makers.

Reaching 70,000 Unreached

It was an excellent time for Tungpi and his team of evangelists to share the Good News of the Gospel with people who've never heard.

distributing gospel tracts is effective
VIDEO: Why Distributing Gospel Booklets is Effective in Myanmar

In Myanmar culture, a Gospel booklet can be the key to beginning a relationship with somebody and entering their home to share the Good News.

distributing gospel tracts
Video: "Distributing Gospel Tracts Is the Most Effective Way"

Distributing gospel tracts is the most effective way to reach the unreached in Myanmar, Kimpi says. You'll have to watch the video to find out why. Be sure to turn up the volume!

monk receives Bible
Buddhist Monk Receives Bible After Wanting One for Two Years

The monk was so happy when I gave him the Bible and he even told me that it had been a long time that he was longing to have this.

Least evangelized division of Myanmar
Reaching the Least Evangelized Division of Myanmar

Tungpi hit a big city in the least evangelized division. He had previously sent 60,000 "The Ancient Path" gospel tracts to pastors and evangelists.

Ancient Path buddhist
Why Is "The Ancient Path" So Effective?

The following are some quotes from national evangelists in Myanmar about why "The Ancient Path" gospel tract is so popular and effective.

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