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Soccer Camp: Gospel Goals in the Middle East

soccer camp gospel goals

If you have a gospel goal, is there a way to reach youth living in Majority and Orthodox communities in the Middle East? Many carry heavy emotional burdens from growing up in violent homes. Young people from such families long to experience forgiveness and to discover a purpose for their lives. Their society leaves them empty. Soccer Camp opens doors into their hearts.

Find a Field For Soccer Camp

Middle Eastern young people are eager for genuine relationships and joy. A member of Malik's sports outreach team has found a good place to kick off a new sports ministry using soccer camp training. One of the team members lives near an available sports field.

"He started to share this idea with his friends and their families and neighbors and they liked this idea so much and they are willing to join this soccer training," Malik explains.

God prepared a soccer field to create an open door into the hearts of young people from Majority and Orthodox communities.

Kick Off Soccer Camp

Malik and his team plan to start the soccer camp outreach two days a week in the Winter season, February through April.

"There's no other teams that do any sport ministry there. God filled our hearts with the passion to start this ministry, because we found that there is a lot of people who love to play soccer in this area."

To start the soccer sports camp, Malik needs to gather equipment. God has already gathered 50 kids ready to come and connect with the sports team members. As they play with the children and youth, they'll create relationships and share Gospel hope.

Open a Door for Gospel Goals

It's not easy to find openings into homes in Majority and Orthodox communities of the Middle East. It's also not an impossible goal. There is a way to enter in.

Through play in a soccer camp setting, Malik and his team enter the lives of hurting youth who long to experience real love leading to hope and purpose in life. Using sports activities, the gospel gets into places otherwise closed to news of Jesus.

You can help Malik and the team kick off soccer training. Help them get equipment, rent a space to store the gear, buy jerseys, or even buy sports drinks. It's more than a game. It's an open door with a Gospel goal.

CLICK the image to help supply equipment for Malik.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Sports open doors with youth in Majority communities. Malik leads youth outreach in the Middle East, sharing Jesus & connecting Christ-followers.

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Make a Difference

Icon for Provide a laptop for the sports outreach-discipleship ministry ($1200 total) Provide a laptop for the sports outreach-discipleship ministry ($1200 total) - $100 Give Now »
Icon for Give gear to kick off a new soccer camp outreach Give gear to kick off a new soccer camp outreach - $20 Give Now »
Icon for Give a gift to Malik's need for personal support Give a gift to Malik's need for personal support - $100 Give Now »
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  • Ask God to help Malik share the gospel with youth using sports and games to open doors and illustrate truths.
  • Pray for divine connections with community influencers and believers in sensitive countries.
  • Ask God to help Malik to deepen partnerships with persecuted churches.
  • Pray for protection as Malik ministers in areas with security concerns.
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