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Praying for and Discipling the New Generation

discipling the new generation

Malik and the sports outreach team are still in the middle of their summer season of ministry. They work together to engage youth in group activities and games in order to share the Message of the gospel. They see how God uses this to help young people find truth in the Majority world of the Middle East. Young people are putting their faith in Jesus, and Malik's team is discipling the new generation.

Camp as a Tool for Discipling the New Generation

What does it look like when North American teams come to help Malik and his team at a youth camp?

In the evenings, Malik introduces games to all of the campers.

"The sport team members are still on fire to go and share the Message. What a blessing it is to see them taking the step to responsibility and lead an outreach event, share what God is teaching them and inviting their friends to be part of our team."

The New Generation of Believers in the Middle East

After almost thirty events this summer, Malik said the team saw many people accept Jesus. Some already took steps to join the discipleship program to begin growing in their faith. With about twenty events remaining in this season of ministry, Malik says, "We all try to focus on what God wants us to share with the youth. Would you please pray for this new generation?" 

Malik is planning the next camp to bring some young people who don't yet know Jesus to be influenced by those who are already disciples of Christ. He needs people to pray for God to work in hearts, and he needs partners to give to cover the cost of hosting this camp at a simple, secure retreat site in the middle of a Majority neighborhood. You can give a gift to make a difference here.

Pray for Malik Discipling the New Generation:

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Sports open doors with youth in Majority communities. Malik leads youth outreach in the Middle East, sharing Jesus & connecting Christ-followers.

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Make a Difference

Icon for Provide a laptop for the sports outreach-discipleship ministry ($1200 total) Provide a laptop for the sports outreach-discipleship ministry ($1200 total) - $100 Give Now »
Icon for Give gear to kick off a new soccer camp outreach Give gear to kick off a new soccer camp outreach - $20 Give Now »
Icon for Give a gift to Malik's need for personal support Give a gift to Malik's need for personal support - $100 Give Now »
Icon for New camera for video outreach New camera for video outreach - $1400 Give Now »
  • Ask God to help Malik share the gospel with youth using sports and games to open doors and illustrate truths.
  • Pray for divine connections with community influencers and believers in sensitive countries.
  • Ask God to help Malik to deepen partnerships with persecuted churches.
  • Pray for protection as Malik ministers in areas with security concerns.
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