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Serving Women in the Ukraine Crisis

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Odessa Women’s Center

Live Global partners Alex and Luba have served in Odessa, Ukraine for the past 20 years. The war is keeping them from their home, their city, and the people they love. Luba ministers to women in crisis through a women’s center in Odessa. Her heart cries out for the women she serves.

Some Flee as Refugees

Imagine the difficulties for women facing many challenges before the war, who now have had to travel hundreds of miles as refugees. They depend on the kindness of unknown allies. The counselors of the women’s center try to stay in contact. Luba tells of one woman who fled from Odessa to Germany with three small children. “I am so thankful for the safety, support, and care that they receive in a new place for now.”

Others Choose to Stay

Other women are faced with the complex decision of going or staying in Odessa. Now that Odessa is a major target of the Russian army, it is a very dangerous place. One of the women Luba serves is alone and afraid. Should she flee or stay and hope the battle passes her by? Luba asks us to pray. “May God give her peace for her heart and help her make the right decisions for her family!” They met for Bible lessons before, but now are staying in touch to read Psalms and pray together.

“We cry together and ask for God’s protection on her and the kids.”





Luba serves women with a pro-life pregnancy center in Ukraine. They share gospel counsel & care for moms with challenges still in Ukraine & as refugees.

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  • Pray for Luba to have wisdom and insight as she counsels and cares for mothers remotely in a time of crisis. Ask God to help her extend His love and truth.
  • Pray for abortion-minded women to choose, especially in the trauma in Ukraine
  • Pray for women to receive care they need to raise their children safely and well
  • Pray that women and children in this situation would trust Jesus for salvation and have hope in Christ.
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