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West Bengal Leadership Development with Joshua

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About West Bengal Leadership Development with Joshua

Joshua has been appointed the director of a large network of churches and home fellowships in West Bengal, India. He states that there are 3000+ people in West Bengal who attend church on any given Sunday. The tragedy and concern are that the church planters and ministry leaders are woefully unprepared at interpreting the scriptures and Joshua knows that unless this is corrected, the potential of false teaching will most certainly prevail.

Thus, for this very reason, Joshua has reached out to the Community of Joy and Live Global. His desire is that the same model that the Community of Joy and Live Global are providing for the Souras be a part of his network.

Quarterly trainings of the church planters and ministry leaders, discipling of women ministry leaders and encouraging children’s ministry leaders has the potential, as Joshua believes, to see the network thrive and bring glory to God at all levels.

Meet the Leader: Joshua

Joshua was blessed to have godly parents and grandparents, and through the ministry of his faithful family, he accepted Christ at a young age. Joshua was baptized in the years that followed as he experienced the joy and peace that came from his relationship with Christ.

God's careful guidance led Joshua out of a career path to a ministry calling when Joshua was a young adult. Joshua's dad had paved the way as a church planter throughout West Bengal and now Joshua is excited to serve the same people with Bible training and discipleship so that the churches may be stronger and have deeper roots in God's Word. Joshua is married and has two kids.

Make a Difference

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  • Ask God to give Joshua strength as he serves West Bengal with theological training
  • Pray that God will raise up thousands of Indian people who are deeply rooted in a solid understanding of God's Word
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