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Earthquake Turkiye & Syria
EARTHQUAKE UPDATE:   Live Global in Türkiye & Syria

This EARTHQUAKE UPDATE lets you know how Live Global national partners are on the ground with Christ-like compassion in Türkiye & Syria.

Earthquake Turkey Syrian Refugees
EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Turkey (Türkiye) & Syria

An Earthquake shook Turkey-Syria-Lebanon. Live Global partners are show the compassion of Christ in the midst of catastrophic loss of life.

3 Years Later, God Has Made a Church in Khai Kam

Today after 3 years the Lord has blessed the ministry there and we now have a Bible-preaching, gospel-centered church right at the heart of Khai Kam town.

1,000 churches
Photo Dump: Training 1,000 Churches in Cuba How to Do Children's Ministry

Rhode and her training team have a goal of training 1,000 churches in 2023. They're specifically training their children's leaders.

Christian Radio Ministry Find Hope
Listening to Find Hope

Every day people in the Mediterranean listen for hope. In Cyprus they find hope through Christian radio for their grief, loss, and needs.

crowd sitting on the floor listening
Getting Answers After 16 Years of Pondering

“I knew Jesus, but I haven’t really known him personally.” She had received answers to questions that she had pondered for sixteen years.

ukrainian flag
Even Atheist Agree to Pray: An Update from Ukraine

“Going through the hell of war it is hard to remain an atheist,” Volodymyr and Maria wrote from Ukraine.

human trafficking victim becomes a doctor
From Human Trafficking Victim to Doctor

"Alisha lived in the home for five years, always dreaming of becoming a doctor," describing Alisha who once was a human trafficking victim.

riding the bus: afghan initiative
Riding the Bus: A Story from the Afghan Initiative

How riding the bus around town to meet other Afghans leads to gospel conversations two hours away: Story from the Afghan Initiative

faith baptist bible college and theological seminary
Young Adults Cancel Their Plans to Flee the Country

"I'll either go to Malaysia, or go to Bible College," many young adults in Myanmar have said, following the military coup in 2021.

young people standing with books.
Bringing the Word of God to a Public School

We had an opportunity to go to a public school to share a christian magazine with Psalms and portions of the Gospel of John.

3 ladies
An Early Morning Knock at the Door

I heard a knock on my door as my little sister summoned me telling me that and elderly lady was looking for me.

Prayer is their Primary Health Insurance

We have followed up on these conversations and seven people made a decision to follow Christ and be baptized.

servants going out Middle East
Servants Going Out in the Middle East

The air was filled with the excitement & holiness, with servants going out in the Middle East & North Africa, fruit in Egypt & Lebanon.

Drinking tea with refugees
Drinking Tea with Refugees Opens Hearts

Drinking tea with refugees creates a way to open hearts. Salina shares Good News about the love of God in the Arabic heart language of women.

race for new life runner
The Race for New Life

As a way to benefit Nea Zoi, 7 people signed up to run the Athens Marathon alongside several others who ran the 10K.

man sitting by thatched roof
Our National Partners Are Crazy!

You’re leaving the place where you’ve planted 6 churches and where you have a home for your family? That’s crazy!

group at tables
See Partners in Action at a Vision Clinic

They served over 1,300 people at the vision clinic. Each person also heard a personal Gospel presentation.

where are they now
Our 11 Afghan Families: Where Are They Now?

Our first Afghan family arrived in the United States in September and our last arrived in mid-October. Where are they now?

Hilltop Bible Training
Hilltop Bible Training Where God is at Work

Hilltop Bible Training is happening in a UPG-soaked region. Young men & women prepare for lifelong ministry in a least reached region.

teaching children
Non-Christian Children Learn Bible Adventures

"There is no god as strong as the God of the Bible!" Two children from a non-Christian family in the mountains of Asia told their parents.

soccer camp gospel goals
Soccer Camp: Gospel Goals in the Middle East

Will you help Malik's sports outreach team kick off a soccer camp? It's an open door for gospel goals with Middle Eastern young people.

drinking water
Video: The Kids Have No Drinking Water

The kids at My Father's House Orphanage have no drinking water. Pastor Predestin is smiling while he talks about it.

Middle East
Ministers in the Middle East and Shifting Sands

Ministers in the Middle East have been trained, mentored, & loved. Now the team of young leaders need North American partners.

sharing good news
Sharing Good News in Bad Times

Resources have always been limited on Cyprus, so the relationship with the mainland has always been important. But a view to the governments and economies in the north, east, and south looks tenuous. Because of the crisis in Ukraine, inflation has risen, taking the cost of electricity with it. As people go to and from […]

transportation for the gospel
Transportation for the Gospel in Togo

Togo roads are hard on his vehicle. It requires regular repairs and maintenance to keep going. When Joseph can get to the bush, God works.

The Bible College Is Now Open for Preschool!

The campus is full of Bible College students of course, but now the campus is full of much shorter students as well.

Indian Diaspora
Sikh Business Communities Believing in Jesus

The life and death of a godly man gave many people in Sikh business communities a way to hear the Gospel proclaimed.

few workers
Few Workers in Far Places

Few workers go to cities like those where Rania lives and serves. Now, she's using her experience to share gospel resources onboard ship.

group standing in front of truck for mobile school
Mobile School Can Meet the Challenge with Your Help!

“We now know where we can do the most good with the truck as a Mobile School.” But, to do that, the truck needs some modifications.

people standing outside a house
A Wheelchair Brings Encouragement

They noticed that Pastor Mendoza’s elderly mother-in-law had a worn-out wheelchair. They began to pray for a replacement.

men standing in middle of group
Baptism and Baseball

“I gave my heart to Jesus over 30 years ago, but I have not been baptized,” said Rosario. “Would you help me?”

wedding business
Wedding Business Serves the Girls and Sustains Ministry

The house parents wanted a way for girls to be able to get wedding dresses. They also saw an opportunity to turn this into a business.

teaching online
Staying in Touch Through Bible Study Online

They are scattered around the world for now but are trying to stay in touch together though Bible study online.

the real source of hope
The Women's Center Shares the Real Source of Hope

God is using the churches and Christian organizations in Ukraine and all over the world to share The Good News and the real source of hope!

together to go out
Joining Together So Others Can Go Out

We got together to share our vision with a group of pastors, to strengthen them and their churches in the advancement of the Gospel.

Sindhi Business Community
Sindhi Business Communities Believing in Jesus

Sindhi Business Communities welcome Mark and Shoni. Business people who migrated for business opportunities also find Jesus.

helping refugees
Helping Refugees Find the Real God

While helping refugees, Rania sees the needs to teach and disciple people in the Middle East who are coming to faith in Jesus.

seeds of faithfulness
Seeds of Faithfulness Bearing Fruit

Pastor Kiatisak is a man who has sewn seeds of faithfulness in the hill tribes of Thailand for years and now he is seeing them bear fruit.

discipling the new generation
Praying for and Discipling the New Generation

In the Middle East, Malik sees young people believe in Jesus through the sports outreach. He's leading the way discipling the new generation.

Middle East prayers
Praying Long, Powerful Prayers

Leading gospel ministry & mentoring others in the Middle East requires long, powerful prayers. One prayer was personal for Salina & Robin.

unreached regions
Reaching the Diaspora from Unreached Regions

Mark ministered at a missions conference focused on people in unreached regions of India. Would your church like to partner with Mark?

afghan initiative prayer
How to Pray for the Afghan Initiative

With interviews passed, some travel underway, and decisions being made hard and fast, here is how to pray for the Afghan Initiative.

man standing with buckets
Planning with Village Heads to Share Christ

From teaching new believers in unreached people groups to making new friends with the village heads, Suan has been busy.

play a game on the floor
How Partnership in B City Reaches the Stomach and Heart

By the Lord’s direction, Community of Joy purchased a building in B City, a community with no church or Christian presence.

ladies in circle
What God Is Doing Through Your Partnership

There are so many new things in Nepal with our ministry right now. I am excited to tell you about what God is doing through your partnership.

hands in a hospital
Recovering from Cancer for God's Glory

Pastor Vasiliy and his wife, Olga, hope to travel into Ukraine. This desire is notable because Pastor Victor’s wife is recovering from cancer.

men sorting food
Delivering Food to People Living Underground

Cristian also went with a group of men to deliver food and other necessities to Ukrainians who are still living underground.

Quilts for a Warm Welcome

You can help to provide a warm welcome for our Afghan Partners. These quilts will be a tangible expression of love and hospitality

no time to waste
No Time to Waste in Togo

God is working in Kati-Lomnava, because there is no time to waste. How can you help new believers in the young church to grow in Togo?

equipping others
Equipping Others to Go to Near Neighbors

Rania is equipping others to serve Majority women for lasting change – mentally, physically, socially, financially, and spiritually.

common need families
Common Need, Place, and Table in Togo

After Parent Seminars about their common need, Joseph's team holds Youth Seminars & Bible Quizzing. God works in Togo with training families.

camps create connections
Sports Outreach Camps Create Connections

Sports Outreach Camps create connections for discipleship in a spiritual desert. God is drawing young people to faith in Jesus.

lowest caste
Giving New Hope to the Lowest Caste

Pastor Bair has put together a multi-faceted approach to give new hope to the lowest caste so they will experience the love of Jesus.

train a children's ministry teacher for $20
Train a Children's Ministry Teacher for $20

Would you trade your Starbucks so that Cuban kids will have the opportunity to learn God's Word in a way that's meaningful to them?

school with no shoes
Going to School with No Shoes

24 children finally get a chance to go to Christian school but the kids have no backpacks, no school supplies, and most have no shoes.

the vegetable lady trusts Christ
How the Vegetable Lady Learned About Jesus

The vegetable lady's family studied the truths in the book. It was the only literature they had ever seen with the story of the Savior.

touching the future
The Future Is Not Spirits and Superstition

All of the students in the Touching the Future Project are from unreached people groups. Recently, four of these young people were baptized.

whole families come to christ
Seeing Whole Families Come to Christ

Leaders Paul and Hannah have seen whole families come to Christ because a slum kid had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and believed.

Bible correspondence school
"Thank God for the Beautiful Bible": Testimonies from Bible Correspondence School

They told me, "If you finish the Bible Correpondence School course then we can give you a student Bible and give you a certificate."

Ukrainian refugee stories
Ukrainian Refugee Stories Are Part of God's Story

Ukrainian refugee stories are ripe with trauma, fear, and need. This time has been ripe with opportunity to share the Gospel.

Why the mobile school takes a summer break
Why the Mobile School Takes a Summer Break

While school won’t resume until September, the team at Grace Home focuses on evangelism in the area during summer break.

Afghan Initiative prospectus
The Afghan Initiative Prospectus

Will you help bring these underground Afghan believers to the unreached in the US? We invite you to partner with us.

Quotes from our Afghan partners
Testimony Snapshots: Quotes from Our Afghan Partners

We recorded quotes from our Afghan partners as they shared their stories of salvation and ministry in the underground Afghanistan church.

faith to families
Broadcasting Faith to Families in Cyprus

Extended family is like immediate family. The Cyprus Christian Radio Ministry hears how listeners want to pass on faith to families.

Open Door for Muslim Youths

Youth ministry in the church is a way Zijah and Lorena care for refugees, especially ones of a Muslim background.

Focused Refugee Ministry from Bosnia to Poland to Ukraine

During the crisis in Ukraine, they have also been serving pastors and churches in Poland that care for refugees fleeing the war.

greeting large group
Getting to Border Churches Desperate for Rice

Many of their dear friends across the border in Myanmar have suffered with sickness and hunger. They were desperate for rice.

refugees on their way to hungary
To See Another Ukrainian Saved

I see mothers with children safely taken to Western Europe, fed and accommodated. I have such joy to see another Ukrainian saved, safe. 

unreached women to sew
Teaching Unreached Women to Sew

Indigenous Missionaries know that unreached women need a way to make money and they need Jesus to save them from their sin, shame, and fear.

serving in harder places
Serving in Harder Places

Harder places come with high risk, great needs, & complex barriers for westerners. Malik has a heart for serving in harder places.

When Visitors Come to “Check it Out”

The new building not only provided some much needed room, but also piqued the curiosity of visitors who came just to “check it out.”

group watching a conference call.
22 Indigenous Missionaries Sent, 9 New Churches Formed

work continued and 22 indigenous missionaries have seen over two hundred new believers baptized from unreached people groups in their state

Father and Son
The Death of a Father: A Letter from Bijaya

“My father passed away suddenly who remained a Hindu till his last breath. I shared the Gospel even in his hospital bed.”

imago dei church hostel
Video: Moldovan Pastor Shares What It Has Been Like Since the War Started in Neighboring Ukraine

"We became pretty much everything," Pastor Mihai said about serving Ukrainians. "Even though we didn't practice it before."

Tom teaching
Touching the Future

National partners have continually demonstrated that they believe there is a God created opportunity in every crisis, this one for the future

womens center
Serving Women in the Ukraine Crisis

Imagine the difficulties for women facing many challenges before the war, who now have had to travel hundreds of miles as refugees.

pray for Ukraine
Theological Training in Wartime

Seminary leaders & teachers carry on their work remotely. The seminary family prays & encourages each other in online chapel services.

going places
Going Places North Americans Can't Go

Malik has a vision and passion for reaching even harder gospel destitute places most North Americans can't go.

Bride and Groom
Matchmaking a Christian Marriage

Paul, one of our partners in India, never imagined years ago his role would include matchmaking a Christian marriage.

people in chairs
Leveraging American Business for the Gospel in Nicaragua

I'm thankful to be leveraging the American business world for the good of the Gospel. It energizes me to see young minds being equipped.

TV Journalist
The Question of a TV Journalist

Matviy and Marichka, ministry workers, are some who chose to stay in Ukraine and it's drawn the attention of a TV journalist.

missions near and far
Chilean Missions Near and Far

Churches in Chile cooperate to support church planters through the Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency. Pray for for spiritual growth.

mountain village
A Portrait of a Mountain Village Transformed by Christ

Life in a village on a mountain is remote and hard. But God is at work in that village on the mountain.

Pastoral Training in the Bateys

Scattered throughout the vast sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republics are small communities called bateys.

Preparing the Next Trip to the Ukrainian Border

"We are ready for the next trip to the border between Poland and Ukraine... this time we want to be more effective... "

Helping the Unreached Get Closer to Jesus

God is using this couple to minister to unreached people, grow and mobilize the church, and share the gospel with those scattered from India.

Mobile School Serves Breakfast to Kids Who've Never Heard of Jesus

Biak: When was the last time you had any breakfast? Child: It has been about three months... I am very happy to come here.

teaching in Nepal
Understanding the Cross After 28 Years in Church

Imagine attending church for twenty-eight years, and never understanding the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That’s what Bijaya encountered.

How Ministry in Romania Changed in One Weekend

The invasion happened on Thursday and “come Monday morning we were split up buying groceries, bedding, and basic necessities."

"They Feel Hopeless and They Are Searching"

"Before, they would be afraid of family and neighbors. Now they don’t care. They feel hopeless and they are searching," Tungpi said.

Mother, Child, and Unborn Infant Have an Opportunity for New Life

After several years of cultivating a trusting relationship with the workers of Nea Zoi, she found herself pregnant again.

Repairs to Celebrate Resurrection at a New Church

A chief will celebrate resurrection for the first time. He prayed for rain and God sent rain! The church received repairs & rain!

Help Feed People Who Are Hungry Physically and Spiritually

You can help us prepare to meet this need in Myanmar now, while there are still supplies available for purchase.

ingrid teaching
Creatively Sharing Christ in Alicante

Most don’t know about salvation, but God has sent people like Ingrid and Bo to serve in that town to creatively share Christ.

God is Doing Great Things in the City

With so many unreached people, is God working in India? God is working through national partners and doing great things in the city.

Ministry On the Road and Off the Street

The plan is that Biak and Esther will get kids off the street and reach even more children with an education and the Gospel.

How Partnership Helps Plant Churches

Chilean and North American churches provide support for the church planters through partnership with the agency that Julio serves.

Using Play to Replace Laws and Rituals with Grace

A team of passionate disciples use fun and physical activities to open doors into hearts held captive by laws and rituals.

Faith that Overcomes
Faith That Overcomes a Fetish

The man born on Monday found faith that overcomes fears & idols. A witch doctor's fetish has no power. Joseph is working to bring new life.