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greeting large group
A Visit to Border Churches

Grace Ministries has been planting churches, training pastors, caring for orphans, and ministering to minority people groups for decades.

refugees on their way to hungary
To See Another Ukrainian Saved

I see mothers with children safely taken to Western Europe, fed and accommodated. I have such joy to see another Ukrainian saved, safe. 

unreached women to sew
Teaching Unreached Women to Sew

Indigenous Missionaries know that unreached women need a way to make money and they need Jesus to save them from their sin, shame, and fear.

serving in harder places
Serving in Harder Places

Harder places come with high risk, great needs, & complex barriers for westerners. Malik has a heart for serving in harder places.

When Visitors Come to “Check it Out”

The new building not only provided some much needed room, but also piqued the curiosity of visitors who came just to “check it out.”

group watching a conference call.
22 Indigenous Missionaries Sent, 9 New Churches Formed

work continued and 22 indigenous missionaries have seen over two hundred new believers baptized from unreached people groups in their state

Father and Son
The Death of a Father: A Letter from Bijaya

“My father passed away suddenly who remained a Hindu till his last breath. I shared the Gospel even in his hospital bed.”

imago dei church hostel
Video: Moldovan Pastor Shares What It Has Been Like Since the War Started in Neighboring Ukraine

"We became pretty much everything," Pastor Mihai said about serving Ukrainians. "Even though we didn't practice it before."

Tom teaching
Touching the Future

National partners have continually demonstrated that they believe there is a God created opportunity in every crisis, this one for the future

donated supplies
Serving Women in the Ukraine Crisis

Imagine the difficulties for women facing many challenges before the war, who now have had to travel hundreds of miles as refugees.

pray for Ukraine
Theological Training in Wartime

Seminary leaders & teachers carry on their work remotely. The seminary family prays & encourages each other in online chapel services.

going places
Going Places North Americans Can't Go

Malik has a vision and passion for reaching even harder gospel destitute places most North Americans can't go.

Bride and Groom
Matchmaking a Christian Marriage

Paul, our partner in Delhi never imagined years ago his role would include matchmaking a Christian marriage.

people in chairs
Leveraging American Business for the Gospel in Nicaragua

I'm thankful to be leveraging the American business world for the good of the Gospel. It energizes me to see young minds being equipped.

TV Journalist
The Question of a TV Journalist

Matviy and Marichka, ministry workers, are some who chose to stay in Ukraine and it's drawn the attention of a TV journalist.

missions near and far
Chilean Missions Near and Far

Churches in Chile cooperate to support church planters through the Adelphos Chilean Missions Agency. Pray for for spiritual growth.

mountain village
A Portrait of a Mountain Village Transformed by Christ

Life in a village on a mountain is remote and hard. But God is at work in that village on the mountain.

Pastoral Training in the Bateys

Scattered throughout the vast sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republics are small communities called bateys.

Preparing the Next Trip to the Ukrainian Border

"We are ready for the next trip to the border between Poland and Ukraine... this time we want to be more effective... "

Helping the Unreached Get Closer to Jesus

God is using this couple to minister to unreached people, grow and mobilize the church, and share the gospel with those scattered from India.

Mobile School Serves Breakfast to Kids Who've Never Heard of Jesus

Biak: When was the last time you had any breakfast? Child: It has been about three months... I am very happy to come here.

teaching in Nepal
Understanding the Cross After 28 Years in Church

Imagine attending church for twenty-eight years, and never understanding the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That’s what Bijaya encountered.

How Ministry in Romania Changed in One Weekend

The invasion happened on Thursday and “come Monday morning we were split up buying groceries, bedding, and basic necessities."

"They Feel Hopeless and They Are Searching"

"Before, they would be afraid of family and neighbors. Now they don’t care. They feel hopeless and they are searching," Tungpi said.

Mother, Child, and Unborn Infant Have an Opportunity for New Life

After several years of cultivating a trusting relationship with the workers of Nea Zoi, she found herself pregnant again.

Repairs to Celebrate Resurrection at a New Church

A chief will celebrate resurrection for the first time. He prayed for rain and God sent rain! The church received repairs & rain!

Help Feed People Who Are Hungry Physically and Spiritually

You can help us prepare to meet this need in Myanmar now, while there are still supplies available for purchase.

ingrid teaching
Creatively Sharing Christ in Alicante

Most don’t know about salvation, but God has sent people like Ingrid and Bo to serve in that town to creatively share Christ.

God is Doing Great Things in Delhi

With so many unreached people, is God working in India? God is working through national partners and doing great things in Delhi.

Ministry On the Road and Off the Street

The plan is that Biak and Esther will get kids off the street and reach even more children with an education and the Gospel.

How Partnership Helps Plant Churches

Chilean and North American churches provide support for the church planters through partnership with the agency that Julio serves.

Using Play to Replace Laws and Rituals with Grace

A team of passionate disciples use fun and physical activities to open doors into hearts held captive by laws and rituals.

Faith that Overcomes
Faith That Overcomes a Fetish

The man born on Monday found faith that overcomes fears & idols. A witch doctor's fetish has no power. Joseph is working to bring new life.

A New Refugee Corridor
The New Refugee Corridor

After many years of serving refugees, we were surprised that so many things are different in this "new" refugee corridor.

first five languages
First Five Languages of 2022 in Progress

The first five new Ancient Path languages of 2022 are Lhomi, Western Magar, Kham Magar, Santhali, and Gamal Kham.

christian school imacts community
How a Christian School Can Impact a Community

Hope Christian School is an important ministry of their church and provides opportunities to reach families around them.

new campus
Dreams for a Campus Becoming Reality

No one thought after the coup that their prayer for a campus of their very own would ever be answered with a yes after that. But God knew!

Ministry Workers Staying in Ukraine

They're staying to care for their neighbors who have “no friends abroad, no cash, almost no food, no nearby air-raid shelter, and no hope.”

refugees from ukraine
A Romanian Church Serves Refugees from Ukraine

Alexe and his church have compassion for the refugees from Ukraine crossing into Romania at the rate of 500 every hour

ukranian refugees
Boots on the Ground to Serve Ukrainian Refugees

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Mihai and other Live Global partners living and serving in Eastern Europe jumped to action.

Joseph God saved
A Boy God Wonderfully Saved

The little boy would spend his days locked in the hut alone. No one heard him cry; no one picked him up, until God saved him.

dorcas sewing center
The Dorcas Sewing Center

Dorcas Sewing Center is a ministry of Mobilizing to Unreached People Groups. Dorcas Sewing Center was started by Lydia. Her father is the director of the Mobilizing project. Lydia has always loved sewing and teaching sewing. When she learned about all the young women who are trafficked from the remote villages of the unreached people groups being […]

How a Myanmar Community comes to Christ
How God Brought a Myanmar Community to Christ

God used a small group strategically as the Myanmar community leader’s daughter was one of the first who read gospel booklet.

Mobile school truck
The Mobile School is Purchased!

“When they told me the money to purchase the truck was in my account, Esther and I called the whole team together and we praised God."

The Well
Living Water and a Well through Partnership

North American churches have a partnership with Pastor Joseph. God used this to bring water and living water to thirsty people.

Myanmar coup anniversary
Myanmar, One Year Later

Live Global comes alongside national partners joined by North American Churches. One year later, after the coup in Myanmar, it works.

expand the reach
An Extra Transmitter to Expand the Reach

With a new year, a new transmitter expands the spread of the gospel across Cyprus. The team prays God will help them send good news.

Rania the Multiplier of a Missional Heart

Egyptian believers cross cultures to reach unreached people groups with the gospel. Rania the multiplier is training others to reach out.

Bibles for hands and hearts
Putting the Bible Into Hands and Hearts

With help from North American partners, Ajit put warm blanket into cold hands, opening hearts for God’s word. Bibles - into hands and hearts.

rural relief
Physical and Spiritual Relief in Rural Areas

Their ministry of encouragement and rural relief includes providing needed supplies, counsel, and training.

Children with Special Needs
Children with Special Needs: Ready, Set, Shine

When families have children with special needs, is it a sign of bad karma? Punishment? One partnership is ready to shine God's love.

New births new church
New Births: New Church, New Sister

Despite hardships of lost businesses and more lockdowns, Mark and Shoni praise God for new births — a new church and a new sister in Christ!

God Uses Blindness to Bring Sight

It's so remote, few outsiders have gone before. So sensitive, few outsiders can go. God uses blindness to help people see.

Faith not works
The Surprise of Faith Not Works

"Jesus doesn’t want us to do anything. We don’t get to heaven by just being good..." Faith alone, not works = a message to surprise listeners.

Delhi Outreach in India
Outreach in India, Season of Joy

Outreach in India overflows at Christmas. Slums & university students are eager for hope. We celebrate the birth of a child & a new church!

Romanian missionaries
To Send and Serve Romanian Missionaries

One national partner couple has a heart to help send and serve Romanian missionaries. Read the amazing testimony that started it all.

Faithfully Rejoicing in the Work
Faithfully Rejoicing in the Work

Two women are faithfully rejoicing in the work God gave them in Northern Thailand. They use English teaching to plant churches.

new believers in moldova
New Believers in Moldova

"I have seen some new believers come to Christ after many years of being witnessed to. Praise the Lord!"

listen to God
When We Listen to God in Storms

Listen to God in times like an unusual rejection, illness, and weather. Storms bring opportunities for Christians and those yet to know Jesus.

Looking Back and Looking Forward together
Looking Forward and Looking Back

Leaders met in a new location for fellowship, learning, and prayer. By looking back and looking forward, we can trace God's movement.

Filling the starving, hungry, and empty
Filling the Starving, Hungry, and Empty

Biak was able to pass out 100 Gospel literature pamphlets with food. So many hungry people came that supplies were distributed in 20 minutes!

John Hangsing
Getting in on the Ground Floor

John has culture & language skill, passion for the Church, & theological training. With 30 days left, he laid the ministry ground floor.

English class in Brazil
How Teaching English in Brazil Has Gospel Impact

When passion for evangelism meets sound doctrine, faith grows! Learning English in Brazil is part of the equation.

New Believers and Disciple Makers

Tungpi began a discipleship program with 7 students, but that number grew to 17. People believe and then become disciple makers.

God's gifts of care for a family

Medical needs have been hard, but God has used them for good. We see His kindness in His care for a family serving in Guyana from Brazil.

Trinidad street
Hope on Trinidad

Finding hope on Trinidad isn't easy for families trapped in addiction. An influx of newcomers adds pressure, but it's also an opportunity.

Help and Prayer for Healing

When Fabi learned she had cancer, United States partners helped with treatment and prayed for healing. God is answering prayer. Join us?

church service outdoors
Taking the Church Service Outdoors

Protocols allowed only 10 people in a service. Corporate worship was complicated, but God provided a solution in a church service outdoors.

The Saint Who Was a Chief

Another name is counted among the saints in Christ as a chief follows Jesus. Pray for Pastor Joseph as he disciples the chief in his faith.

teenagers refugees
Making Room for the Unexpected

Caring for unaccompanied teenagers who are refugees means making room for the unexpected to care for needs and offer refuge.

Continual Harvest city
A Continual Harvest of Souls

God is working to bring a continual harvest among Sindhi, Hindu, and Sikh people living as a diaspora in the Philippines.

A Buddhist Harvest in Hard Places

God uses relief for communities to provide Suan permission to visit church members and those who need Good News for a Buddhist harvest.

A Personal Message from Myanmar

A personal message in a partner's own words tells about life & ministry in Myanmar. Partnerships are founded on relationships like this.

From Trauma to New Life

A leads a school for refugee students and their families. In his own words, he shares his testimony of how he came from trauma to new life.

According to God's Blueprint

Following God’s blueprint opens doors of ministry to young Syrian and Kurdish families. Economic collapse & overpopulation open needy hearts.

How God Used a Cafe to Share Christ

God used a faithful radio listener's favorite care to share Christ. When one man heard Good News, he passed it on over coffee.

Send out the word
Send Out the Word

Every night the station broadcasts scripture in 3 languages. The phone rings with questions, prayer requests, & requests to send out the word.

Under His Wings safety
Serving Under His Wings

Serving under His wings is a safe place. Whether traveling, counseling or holding meetings, God protects and keeps them healthy and safe.

Trouble Times Outreach Banner
God's Help in Times of Trouble

In a season of trouble, this team adapts to persevere. They continue with new and creative outreach. The holidays are an opportunity.

Medical Missions example
Two Paths to Medical Missions Service

God uses earthly circumstances in heavenly ways. Two nurses were moved to medical missions along two unique paths. #medicalmissions

Haiti School Means Hope
Haiti: Back to School Means Hope

After a series of tragic events in Haiti, back to school means hope in Haiti. Routines, learning, nutrition, & safety are reasons for praise.

Caribbean baptism
Caribbean Work That Cannot be Stopped

Pastor Y sees God at work in his country. His church has grown as new members come to faith in Christ & show it publicly. #CaribbeanWork

innovation Myanmar
Myanmar: Community Aid and Creative Ministry

National partners respond to waves of Covid-19 in Myanmar with creative ministry and Community Aid. Gospel proclamation looks different.

nicaragua saving grace
Snapshots of Saving Grace

Pastor Abel in Nicaragua ministers to youth and to other pastors and leaders. Together, they're experiencing God's saving grace. #savinggrace

"Do You Want to Be My Dad?"

“Do you want to be my dad?” he asked. "Of course,“ I responded. He smiled. This reminded me of our society’s deficiencies.

hill tribe ministry in thailand
Serving One Another in the Hills

"The ministry at our hill tribes churches are doing well and seem to me that they are staying safe and better than those of us in the city."

VBS in Moldova
Video: What Does VBS in Moldova Look Like?

Did you know that ministry leaders in countries across the world use VBS as a tool to reach kids and their families for Christ?

vision for a mobile school
The Vision for a Mobile School

A mobile school unit would allow their team to travel safely while transporting needed supplies, and to reach children in a wider area.

"There Are Young People in Every Nation Willing to Be Called to World Missions"

Bubu and Bahiti work with national believers in North Africa and the Middle East, discipling them and training them for lives of ministry.

reading the Gospel booklets
Baptism and Persecution

One thing that hasn't changed is the possibility of persecution for faith in Christ, especially in some of the more rural areas of Myanmar.

Examples of God's Mighty Work

This church in Indi has experienced some of the best examples of God's mighty saving and sanctifying work throughout the past year.

Sowing Seeds in Springtime

Spring arrived in Ukraine and Alex and Luba praise God for the beauty of nature in their part of the world. They're sowing seeds for eternity.

Invitations in a Bottle

Part of the event was that they wrote encouraging messages and invitations to people to contact our church and put them in bottles.

Victory in persecution
Victory in Persecution

He's seen so much fruit from his efforts and has even seen a pastor experience victory in persecution from the village leaders.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Imago Dei church has made huge efforts for outreach with young men, boys, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in mind first.

The Day to Day of Ministry

Pastor Abel is a master networker who encourages pastors and helps them plan, execute, and evaluate their ministry plans.

Salvation in the Hill Tribes

COVID inspired the Grace Ministries team to use house-to-house evangelism among the hill tribes in Thailand.

digital church services
Growing Through the Third Wave

It's so sweet to get a glimpse of some Gospel fruit as the third wave settles, and it makes all the perseverance worth it.

3 Stories of Women's Lives Transformed

The ministry works to see transformation in the lives of each child in their care through counseling, education, and Gospel presentation.

Learn God's Word
One Woman's Journey to Learn God's Word

Would women would be welcome? One woman wanted to learn God’s Word. Now she wants to share the truth with others in remote villages like hers.