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Project Updates

Give the Gift of Clothing or Shoes

As one might imagine, the resources required to provide for the needs of so many are great, and clothing is just one of the necessities.

village church ministry Ukraine
Stuck with a Purpose

God's timing was no mistake when Alex Abramov was stuck in the US due to COVID-19. The divine opportunity allowed a new partnership to begin!

Health of Soura Leaders
The Soura Church Looks at the Health of its Leaders

If every life matters, the health of every life matters. The Soura Church wants to care for leaders and have them model godly health habits.

the school almost finished
The School on the Mountain

The vocational school equips 250 students to work in fields ranging from cosmetology to technology and electrical engineering.

8 Women Worshiping Jesus in Their Dark World

Their fresh updates reflect the power of God who saves and builds up under sometimes very difficult conditions.

"Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing in Jesus"

Even during a global pandemic, you can help national believers like Saya and Ko reach their countries in Asia for Christ.

Grace Care Joy Endurance
The Good, the Hard, and the Rainy

Grace Care finds joy in the good things while enduring the hard things complicated by rainy season. Find out how to join them in praying.

Different Plan
A Different Plan for the World

The 19th class of Beacon Theological College and Seminary graduated just before lockdown began. They had plans, but God had a different plan.

Kolkata Christian Fellowship
Trusting God for Giant Things - Building Expansion

They began 15 years ago with five people in a home. After many rented spaces, God widened their reach & gave them a place. Will you join in giant things?

Faith Baptist Bible College Library
One Box, One Prayer, One Voyage

Faith Baptist Bible College trains people to reach UPGs in their region. Partners are sending a library for theological learning.

One Tree. Five Adults. Twenty Children.

Physical and spiritual needs open doors of opportunity for primary school education to create relationships in the Grace Care community.

School Haiti
Doubling Up for School in Haiti’s New Normal

A combination of 2 crises created Haiti's new normal. As school starts, they trust the God of the Double Portion to provide. Pray with us?

Prayer Apple of God's Eyes
Essential School Supplies for the Apple of God’s Eyes

Before COVID-19 entered remote Nepal educators practiced the essential school supply. Join partners at AOGE in prayer this school year.

Choose Life Ministry Center
Choosing Life is not Locked Down

Choose Life Center isn't locked down when impacting lives of women & the unborn. Moms in need find education, support, and hope in the gospel.

Powerless Pandemic
Without power, But Not Without Power

A cataclysmic combination of COVID-19, Cycolone Amphan, and economic lockdowns make it hard to go back to school. God's power overcomes.

A Virtual Message from Dr. Mung

Get to know Dr. Mung, his ministry, his passion, his testimony, and a prayer request in this 2-minute virtual message.

Building Relationships Through Food Relief

Biak and Esther used this money to buy rice, oil, and salt, plus print Ancient Path Gospel booklets. They distributed the supplies to 500 needy families.

Preaching the Gospel to Our Neighbors

There were 100 days of total lockdown in Nepal due to COVID-19. So, Bijaya and his team prayed to the Lord for guidance on how to adjust their ministry.

One Leader's Testimony of God's Great Promises

God is fulfilling His promises in great ways in Kolkata. Hear the testimony of one leader who has watched the work grow. Find out how to have a part.

When the Lockdown Opens Doors

Throughout Nepal it seemed that the affects of the COVID-19 lockdown were worse than the virus itself.

Men Moldova
Taking Young Men into the Unknown

Many families in Moldova are fatherless. Strong Foundations of Imago Dei Church invests in young men. They're finding God's truth for life in the unknown.

Occupying 200 Children During the Pandemic

They have been teaching them some extracurricular lessons to fill their days: baking, cake decorating, pizza making, and computer lessons.

God Has Not "Revoked the Calling"

We haven't heard the Lord telling us now in a new era of Pandemics that He has revoked the calling to go to the nations.

A Ministry House for Street Kids

The goal is to preach the Gospel to an unreached people group by reaching the kids on the street first.

Back to the Building!

It's the message they were all waiting for! Hope International School will be allowed to open again in August following COVID-19.

One Heart and Two Suitcases

Juan shared that the work of the Lord goes on in the Caribbean even with quarantine orders in place.

Help Rebuild the Boys' Home Destroyed by a Cyclone

This boys' home is instrumental in the protection and care of at-risk boys in the area.

Chicken House
COVID-19: What could God supply?

As a safe harbor for children hurt by poverty & trafficking, Apple of God's Eyes Ministry has many to feed.What could God do? A Greenhouse? Chickenhouse?

Closed Doors COVID19
COVID-19 Opens Closed Doors

COVID19 has done what few things could in many isolated, dark places. It has opened closed doors. Opporunities await for partners to share the Gospel.

Dotyali (Nepal)

Less than 1% of Dotyali are believed to be Christian and "The Ancient Path" Gospel booklet will clearly present Christianity as an Eastern “religion.”

Communities COVID-19
COVID-19: 3 Communities God Sees

3 Communities impacted by COVID19 know people who know the true God. He sees their needs, can provide, & can heal. Find out how to join in the work.

Invitation for Jesus
COVID-19: An Invitation for Jesus

Jesus is being invited into places where He wasn't wanted before COVID19. Great physical need has opened doors for spiritual needs to be met.

Soura Relief Strategy
COVID-19: A Soura Relief Strategy

Once they lived in darkness, but now embrace the light. A network of churches is led by leaders caring for the hurting with a Soura Relief Strategy in COVID19.

Tharu (Nepal)

The wonderful thing about the Tharu is that they live in an area that is easily accessible and they are open and receptive to the Gospel message.

open doors
Partners Give Rice & Bread of Life

COVID19 has created needs globally. As people reach out for relief, they open their hands for help and their hearts to hope. Doors are open for the Gospel.

Eastern Tamang (Nepal)

We have an opportunity to partner with Tamang Christians for organized distribution of the Gospel booklet that will lead to establishing Bible study groups.

Yinn (Myanmar)

Our national partner missionary, Suan, has developed a strategy, using the recorded Yinn version of "The Ancient Path."

Yakthumba Limbu (Nepal)

A gospel booklet that explains the beginnings of Biblical faith has been translated into the mother tongue of the Yakthumba Limbu people.

outreach slums universities
Coronavirus: Fellowship in the Slums of India

As Coronavirus bleeds into the masses of India, one leader & his team care for slum communities. One family finds fellowship through a phone on the floor.

Coronavirus in Bangladesh: Snapshots of Life and Ministry

Friendship Ministries focuses on offering relief like food, blankets, and free education to people who need it while using these efforts for evangelism.

Keeping Bi-Vocational Pastors Serving in Lockdown

Spain has been hit hard by Covid-19, but bi-vocational pastors and evangelists continue to comfort their people and reach out to their neighbors.

The Coronavirus Impacts Refugees, Too

This past week was a time of great changes. Police closed the refugee camp in front of the bus station because of the coronavirus. We had to react fast.

Waves of Hope

God led Pastor Predestin to found Radio My Father’s House, a station dedicated to proclaiming the good news of the Gospel to Haiti and around the world.

Beautiful Offerings

When exploited youth found hope in a loving Heavenly Father, they wanted to give Him offerings. With so little to give, they sacrificed to give their best.

Praying for Safety in Haiti in Midst of Widespread Kidnappings

Pastor Predestin recently sent out this urgent message requesting prayer for safety, and that the schools will be able to stay open.

Power of Partnering
The Power of Partnering with Partners

Opportunities exist for North American partners in partnering with national leaders and friends. If you wonder what it's like, listen to one reflection.

Shan (Myanmar)

By showing a willingness to step into the Shan community, they believe, over time, they can plant indigenous Shan churches among the Shan community.

yesterday to today
From Darkness to Light, from Yesterday to Today

The leaders of the Soura people know their story, their salvation story. They love to tell of coming from darkness to light, from yesterday to today.

Urgent Need: Minority People Groups (Nepal)

Despite the restrictions, the project has been working with mother tongue translators to get the Gospel to minority unreached people groups in Nepal.

Pa-O (Myanmar)

A Gospel booklet has already been translated into the Pa-O language and local missionaries are ready to make inroads into the communities.

Palaung (Myanmar)

A network of national believers in Myanmar have already mobilized to gain access to the Palaung are eager to begin sharing with these three groups.

God Provides During the Dark Days of Protests

While protesting is still widespread and travel somewhat difficult, God has continued to provide both supplies and protection for the children.

A New Church in a Land of Old Ones

In a country where old churches prevail, this new church we pray will be a shining light for the hope that comes from placing your faith in Jesus.

How to Pray for Haiti During the Worst of the Worst Times

It’s hard to find any good in what is happening, and like Abraham in Genesis 18, we beg God not to destroy the righteous with the wicked.

As Enrollment Grows, So Does Opposition

As God works in mighty ways at Faith Baptist Bible College, it's no surprise that the enemy would work to oppose it.

Refugee Crisis Worsening in Bosnia

As the most recent waves of refugees arrive in Bosnia, Zijah and Lorena's small church is working at the limits of their capacity to meet basic needs.

Not Just a Playground

The playground is now another tool to help meet the physical needs of the children—both those living at the orphanage, and those that attend school there.

Spiritual Warfare for New Believers

In many places, evil spirits often come to afflict new believers with powerful experiences, trying to scare them away from their newfound freedom in Christ.

Summer Camp for Kids Who've Never Heard

From the games, to the teaching times, and the worship, God worked and allowed the kids who've never heard to hear the life-changing news of the Gospel.

Trekking with Gospel Hope to the Mountains

When you're in Nepal, looking out at the mountains, you can see tucked within the peaks and valleys people who have never heard of Jesus.

A New School for HIS Kids!

Today, Hope International School in Myanmar needs a new and bigger school on its own campus so they they can reach more and more kids with the Gospel.

To Train Up a Child in Close-Minded Countries

In close-minded countries, it's normally impossible to find biblically-sound training material in the languages of the people.

Training Children's Ministry Workers in the Caribbean

The Children's Ministry Training project team was invited to the Caribbean to train pastors and church leaders how to teach the Bible to kids.

The Warmth of Love in a Bosnian Winter

Eastern Europe can be a cold and dark place, in more ways than one -- but thanks be to God, there are workers with tenacity and grit planting the seeds of His love in frozen places.

Ang and Orn's Story

Read more about how Ang and Orn were called and empowered to serve God in difficult places.

New Need!

Bo has been having a great time visiting churches in America and gathering footage for new film projects; sadly, her video drone did not survive it's encounter with the mighty redwood.

How Bo Came to Love and Serve the Creator of All

Read Bo's personal testimony, and find out how she came from the New Age movement, to love and serve the Creator of everything.

New Leaders Rising Up, With New Needs

Asking people to serve before they join the church, or even believe? One church in Bosnia has found a unique way to make disciples, and raise up leaders.

empowering children
Empowering Children with New Skills

They want to empower the children with academic and vocational skills so that they can support themselves financially after leaving the home.

distributing gospel tracts is effective
VIDEO: Why Distributing Gospel Booklets is Effective in Myanmar

In Myanmar culture, a Gospel booklet can be the key to beginning a relationship with somebody and entering their home to share the Good News.

Haiti demonstrations
When Haiti Demonstrations Hit Home

"In my situation with these many children, the Haiti demonstrations are really complicated. All we have is about to finish."

mountain of challenges
A Mountain of Challenges

They sleep where they can, eat when they can, and share the Gospel with anyone they can, but mountain ministry comes with a mountain of challenges.

Photos: The Handford Library in Use

30,000 Christian books delivered and organized. Now, they're put to use.

learning about Ruth
Learning about Ruth in Nepal

So 19 girls and 8 staff members from the Rescuing Children of Sex Workers homes got to go and learn lessons from Ruth.

middle east trauma
Biblical Counsel for Trauma in the Middle East

The students, who are in part traumatized themselves, repeated again and again that they had never before heard about a biblical approach to trauma.

blind but now he sees
He Was (Literally) Blind, But Now He Sees

Sometimes, God opens literal eyes of the blind as a way to reflect His own glory also.

gas tank soap
Plugging the Gas Tank with a Bar of Soap

On that drive, the rocks were so bad that one punctured a small hole in the car's gas tank. Bijaya bought the only possible thing in that area to fix it.

Nagaland Church Leaders Learn How to Teach the Bible to Kids

It's our prayer that God would teach, train, and equip the faithful men and women of Nagaland to take the Gospel to the next generation.

child sleeping outside
"There Cannot Be One Child Sleeping Outside"

They've started taking refugee families with babies and small kids to their church every night to sleep out of the cold.

3 Pastors
Video: How Training Helped These Three Pastors

These three pastors shared specific ways they were impacted by the recent training. You can watch and listen to what they said!

ways to bless
4 Ways to Bless My Father's House

As Pastor Predestin, his wife, and the other staff seek to serve these kids and honor the Lord, there are ways you could bless them and their ministry.

how to teach the Bible to kids
How to Teach the Bible to Kids

Across the globe, Christians desire to teach the Bible to kids, because they know that God loves children and desires to capture young hearts for Himself.

teaching staff
The Primary School Advantage

It's a huge deal that the kids at My Father's House orphanage go to school. They will "age out" of the orphanage with the advantage of an education.

akha welcome
This Is an Akha Welcome Team

Praise God for this Akha welcome team at a new church building in an Akha village. These people have heard the gospel as a result of Grace Ministries.

made well
Where Many Are Made Well

This medical clinic has earned the reputation of being the place "where many are made well." People will travel for more than an hour to get there.

new song of praise
"He Put a New Song in My Mouth"

Let's pray that God will continue to give new life in Christ and a new song of praise to many more victims of the sex trafficking industry in India.

new life in christ
New Life in Christ for 3 Girls

Since their baptisms, the girls feel that they are experiencing a new life in Christ and they're experiencing a new beginning.

poorest of the poor
Children Here Are the Poorest of the Poor

Friendship Children's Schools have a manifold purpose. Most of the kids come from families who are the poorest of the poor.

Elizabeth's Story
Fulfilling Heavenly and Earthly Fathers' Desires

Elizabeth just graduated from Beacon Baptist Theological Seminary in India. She comes from a tribal community and didn't know English when she arrived.

A Day in My Father's House

We believe the Lord has sovereignly directed each child to My Father's House Orphanage to receive physical, life-saving care and to hear the Gospel.

Gospel of John project
The Gospel of John for the Most Populated Area

Bijaya encouraged them that God's Word could work long after pastors had left the readers' presence because the Writer of the Word Himself would be present.

30,000 library books
Video: 15-Year Long Prayer for New Library Books Answered!

The students and staff unloaded the trucks and passed the banana boxes of new library books from student to student, up the stairs, and into the new library.

"...And Also Give!"

Would it be best to go visit the school to encourage him and his staff in prayer, give money to the school for the general operation, or some other way?

iranian refugees
Iranian Refugees Ask About Christian Faith

They are praising the Lord that their team had the opportunity to speak with three Iranian refugees who wanted to know about the Christian faith.

Chicken, Fish, and Cows—How a Leader Becomes Self-Sustaining

As he assumed leadership, Ajit has always desired that he and his ministry be self-sustaining, and he's worked to that end ever since.

impact globally
Instruct Locally to Impact Globally

They know at this Indian seminary that if they prayerfully train their students in sound doctrine and how to fulfill the Great Commission, the graduates will be equipped to go out and make disciples and an impact globally.

On the Last Day of 2074

It was the last day of Nepal year 2074. There and then, in a tiny village in Nepal there are 500 homes, but only one believer.

Summer School Looks Like So Much Fun!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here are 37 photos from summer school at Hope International School (HIS)!

A Picnic for Refugees

More than 100 refugees attended the picnic and it presented opportunities to lovingly care for them. And it piqued the curiosity of many people!