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Project Updates

Summer Camp for Kids Who've Never Heard

From the games, to the teaching times, and the worship, God worked and allowed the kids who've never heard to hear the life-changing news of the Gospel.

Trekking with Gospel Hope to the Mountains

When you're in Nepal, looking out at the mountains, you can see tucked within the peaks and valleys people who have never heard of Jesus.

A New School for HIS Kids!

Today, Hope International School in Myanmar needs a new and bigger school on its own campus so they they can reach more and more kids with the Gospel.

To Train Up a Child in Close-Minded Countries

In close-minded countries, it's normally impossible to find biblically-sound training material in the languages of the people.

Training Children's Ministry Workers in the Caribbean

The Children's Ministry Training project team was invited to the Caribbean to train pastors and church leaders how to teach the Bible to kids.

The Warmth of Love in a Bosnian Winter

Eastern Europe can be a cold and dark place, in more ways than one -- but thanks be to God, there are workers with tenacity and grit planting the seeds of His love in frozen places.

Ang and Orn's Story

Read more about how Ang and Orn were called and empowered to serve God in difficult places.

New Need!

Bo has been having a great time visiting churches in America and gathering footage for new film projects; sadly, her video drone did not survive it's encounter with the mighty redwood.

How Bo Came to Love and Serve the Creator of All

Read Bo's personal testimony, and find out how she came from the New Age movement, to love and serve the Creator of everything.

New Leaders Rising Up, With New Needs

Asking people to serve before they join the church, or even believe? One church in Bosnia has found a unique way to make disciples, and raise up leaders.

empowering children
Empowering Children with New Skills

They want to empower the children with academic and vocational skills so that they can support themselves financially after leaving the home.

distributing gospel tracts is effective
VIDEO: Why Distributing Gospel Booklets is Effective in Myanmar

In Myanmar culture, a Gospel booklet can be the key to beginning a relationship with somebody and entering their home to share the Good News.

Haiti demonstrations
When Haiti Demonstrations Hit Home

"In my situation with these many children, the Haiti demonstrations are really complicated. All we have is about to finish."

mountain of challenges
A Mountain of Challenges

They sleep where they can, eat when they can, and share the Gospel with anyone they can, but mountain ministry comes with a mountain of challenges.

Photos: The Handford Library in Use

30,000 Christian books delivered and organized. Now, they're put to use.

learning about Ruth
Learning about Ruth in Nepal

So 19 girls and 8 staff members from the Rescuing Children of Sex Workers homes got to go and learn lessons from Ruth.

middle east trauma
Biblical Counsel for Trauma in the Middle East

The students, who are in part traumatized themselves, repeated again and again that they had never before heard about a biblical approach to trauma.

blind but now he sees
He Was (Literally) Blind, But Now He Sees

Sometimes, God opens literal eyes of the blind as a way to reflect His own glory also.

gas tank soap
Plugging the Gas Tank with a Bar of Soap

On that drive, the rocks were so bad that one punctured a small hole in the car's gas tank. Bijaya bought the only possible thing in that area to fix it.

Nagaland Church Leaders Learn How to Teach the Bible to Kids

It's our prayer that God would teach, train, and equip the faithful men and women of Nagaland to take the Gospel to the next generation.

child sleeping outside
"There Cannot Be One Child Sleeping Outside"

They've started taking refugee families with babies and small kids to their church every night to sleep out of the cold.

3 Pastors
Video: How Training Helped These Three Pastors

These three pastors shared specific ways they were impacted by the recent training. You can watch and listen to what they said!

ways to bless
4 Ways to Bless My Father's House

As Pastor Predestin, his wife, and the other staff seek to serve these kids and honor the Lord, there are ways you could bless them and their ministry.

how to teach the Bible to kids
How to Teach the Bible to Kids

Across the globe, Christians desire to teach the Bible to kids, because they know that God loves children and desires to capture young hearts for Himself.

teaching staff
The Primary School Advantage

It's a huge deal that the kids at My Father's House orphanage go to school. They will "age out" of the orphanage with the advantage of an education.

akha welcome
This Is an Akha Welcome Team

Praise God for this Akha welcome team at a new church building in an Akha village. These people have heard the gospel as a result of Grace Ministries.

made well
Where Many Are Made Well

This medical clinic has earned the reputation of being the place "where many are made well." People will travel for more than an hour to get there.

new song of praise
"He Put a New Song in My Mouth"

Let's pray that God will continue to give new life in Christ and a new song of praise to many more victims of the sex trafficking industry in India.

new life in christ
New Life in Christ for 3 Girls

Since their baptisms, the girls feel that they are experiencing a new life in Christ and they're experiencing a new beginning.

poorest of the poor
Children Here Are the Poorest of the Poor

Friendship Children's Schools have a manifold purpose. Most of the kids come from families who are the poorest of the poor.

Elizabeth's Story
Fulfilling Heavenly and Earthly Fathers' Desires

Elizabeth just graduated from Beacon Baptist Theological Seminary in India. She comes from a tribal community and didn't know English when she arrived.

A Day in My Father's House

We believe the Lord has sovereignly directed each child to My Father's House Orphanage to receive physical, life-saving care and to hear the Gospel.

Gospel of John project
The Gospel of John for the Most Populated Area

Bijaya encouraged them that God's Word could work long after pastors had left the readers' presence because the Writer of the Word Himself would be present.

30,000 library books
Video: 15-Year Long Prayer for New Library Books Answered!

The students and staff unloaded the trucks and passed the banana boxes of new library books from student to student, up the stairs, and into the new library.

"...And Also Give!"

Would it be best to go visit the school to encourage him and his staff in prayer, give money to the school for the general operation, or some other way?

iranian refugees
Iranian Refugees Ask About Christian Faith

They are praising the Lord that their team had the opportunity to speak with three Iranian refugees who wanted to know about the Christian faith.

Chicken, Fish, and Cows—How a Leader Becomes Self-Sustaining

As he assumed leadership, Ajit has always desired that he and his ministry be self-sustaining, and he's worked to that end ever since.

impact globally
Instruct Locally to Impact Globally

They know at this Indian seminary that if they prayerfully train their students in sound doctrine and how to fulfill the Great Commission, the graduates will be equipped to go out and make disciples and an impact globally.

On the Last Day of 2074

It was the last day of Nepal year 2074. There and then, in a tiny village in Nepal there are 500 homes, but only one believer.

Summer School Looks Like So Much Fun!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here are 37 photos from summer school at Hope International School (HIS)!

A Picnic for Refugees

More than 100 refugees attended the picnic and it presented opportunities to lovingly care for them. And it piqued the curiosity of many people!

distributing gospel tracts
Video: "Distributing Gospel Tracts Is the Most Effective Way"

Distributing gospel tracts is the most effective way to reach the unreached in Myanmar, Kimpi says. You'll have to watch the video to find out why. Be sure to turn up the volume!

Testimonies from the Middle East Ministry Internship

Bubu and Bahiti lead an internship program for young people in the Middle East who desire to grow closer to Jesus personally and do full-time ministry in their region for His glory.

"The Ancient Path" Goes Digital

He has provided men and women to develop a website for "The Ancient Path," digital versions of several "Ancient Path" translations, and even a mobile app.

brother prays
When a Brother Prays

Sai asked the rest of the ministry to pray for his brother to have the courage to make a commitment to follow Christ completely.

"Found" in Translation

Bijaya has been working on a translation of “The Ancient Path” into the local language of an unreached group, which he thought was Maithili.

The Old Proven Tool
The Old Proven Tool

From clothing to music, to movies, it seems like young people across the globe are fascinated by American culture! There's especially a draw to learning English.

blanket ministry
More than a Warm Blanket

To give out a warm blanket to relieve earthly suffering without considering the person's eternal destiny would be a great disservice.

bible college
What's Up with the Bible College?

So, for the past several months, Dr. Mung's son Sangpi has led the charge to revive the college and increase enrollment through different ministry objectives.

kids in the refugee camps
Reaching Kids in the Refugee Camps

What a blessing for Zijah and Lorena (leaders of the Caring for Refugees project) to fulfill this calling among kids in the refugee camps.

home base
Somewhere to Call Home Base

Bijaya and his team purchased a very inexpensive piece of property. The goal is to turn this property into a home base for training believers and pastors.

Sajay Experiences God Who Sets the Captive Free

Those involved with this ministry experience the blessing too when they watch people they've ministered to set free by the love of Christ.

Padma's Story: From Abuse to Jesus

Padma started working at a brick kiln when she was eight years old. At the kiln, she was physically and sexually abused.

Using Juxtaposition in India to Share Christ

Universities next to slums. Our Live Global national partner we call Paul has decided to maximize this juxtaposition for God's glory.

Seven Refugee Churches Out of the One

The authorities in this area have demanded a "reorganization" of refugees and now these believers are being scattered among seven different camps.

A New Perspective

To accomplish these two main goals, they have to get creative and they have to get a new perspective on their time and materials.

"Instead We Persevere"

We have not reacted; instead we persevere. This has left a good legacy among the surrounding community.

Visiting professors
Visiting Professors Have an Impact

Normally, classes are taught by well-trained, well-equipped Indian professors. But occasionally, God provides visiting professors from the United States.

all backgrounds
How to Reach Families from All Backgrounds

The children come from all backgrounds, so the prayer is that God would use this ministry to preach the good news to each of them.

fly on the wall
Video: A Fly on the Wall at FBBCTS

If you were a fly on the wall at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar, this is what you'd see.

Good morning to you
Video: Good Morning to You!

The kids practice their English first thing every day with a special greeting "Good Morning to You" song, sung to a catchy familiar tune. Take a look.

midst of uncertainty
In the Midst of Uncertainty, God Certainly Works

In the midst of uncertainty on the ground in the Middle East, God is still certainly working.

Meat chickens
Meat Chickens Provide Financial Kick-Start for Churches

A donor provides 25 meat chickens plus seven weeks of food and a portable cage to the pastor or church planter as the initial kickstart.

many different ways
Preaching the Gospel in Many Different Ways

Missionary evangelistic work and preaching the gospel has many different ways as the Bible tells us.

Testimonies from Togo
Personal Testimonies from the 2017 Spiritual Life Conference

To bring it closer to home, here are several personal testimonies from students and parents who were affected by the conference.

monk receives Bible
Buddhist Monk Receives Bible After Wanting One for Two Years

The monk was so happy when I gave him the Bible and he even told me that it had been a long time that he was longing to have this.

by the numbers
Ministry by the Numbers

We thank God as a church-planting ministry that we celebrated 12 years of God's goodness to us. The following is a "ministry by the numbers" report.

go where they are
"Our Approach Is To Go There Where They Are"

Where people aren't likely to make it to a more populated region where the gospel might be more prevalent, "Our approach is to go there where they are."

Rescued girl transformed
Rescued Girl Transformed by the Love of Christ

The rescuers wept as they were so grateful that they were able to “save” another girl that had been stripped of her innocence.

Muslim man
Man Trusts Jesus in Refugee Camp, Stays to Minister to Others

But then he got his permission from the government to leave the refugee camp and continue on to West Europe. This is what every refugee is waiting.

84-Year-Old Moldovan Woman Baptized

84-year-old Zinaida was reading the bible at home looking for salvation and to be baptized. Pastor Victor heard about it when he was walking door to door.

missions endeavors
Video: This School Is a Center for Missions Endeavors

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar is not just a theological training ground—it's a center for missions endeavors.

Planting the seed of hope
Video: Planting the Seed of Hope in Christ

Planting the seed of hope in Christ—that's the foundation of Hope International School (HIS) in Yangon, Myanmar.

Rushing River
Baptisms in a Rushing River

The water in the middle was still a rushing river, but the baptisms were manageable! Praise God for these former Hindu souls added to the Kingdom.

Schools, music, seniors, and farms
Schools, Music, Senior Programs, and Farms

What do schools, music, senior programs, and farms have in common? If you ask Pastors Ajit and Salim, these are all ways to reach people for Christ!

Baptized them all
"So I Baptized Them All"

Using "The Ancient Path" tract, Suanpu has been evangelizing new areas around his village. He has been systematically traveling farther out each time.

Share in joy
Share in the Joy over National Youth Conference 2017

Share in the joy with Pastor Joseph and the conference committee as the Lord has done great things at the National Youth Conference in Togo.

forgiveness and grace
Family Campers Learn About Forgiveness and Grace

How beautiful an opportunity to get to share with Middle Eastern nationals about the forgiveness and grace offered to them through Jesus.

Least evangelized division of Myanmar
Reaching the Least Evangelized Division of Myanmar

Tungpi hit a big city in the least evangelized division. He had previously sent 60,000 "The Ancient Path" gospel tracts to pastors and evangelists.

Hut Churches Growing in Number and Spirit

Yes, God is growing the tiny hut churches and calling more people to His Kingdom. So much so that some of these churches actually grow out of their huts!

no one bored at engedi
No One Is Bored at Engedi

The young people who attend camps love the hill and the lake. In India, this is a rare gem! No one is bored at Engedi!

Called to prepare
Video: You Are Called to Prepare

If you are called to ministry then you are called to prepare. Those at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar fully believe this!

don't go
Many People Tell Them "Don't Go!"

Even though many people, even believers, will sometimes tell them "don't go!" It's risky, but God is good and sovereign and has a plan for those He sends.

The Lord answers their prayers
The Lord Answers Their Prayers

They pray often for the unbelievers who have shown an interest in the gospel. Here are three stories about how they've seen the Lord answer their prayers.

Robbers and the CLAY center
How God Used Robbers to Provide CLAY Center with New Land

God supplied someone to purchase the land, which kept these robbers from being able to steal it, and God had worked through these evil men for good.

Home church celebrates
Home Church Celebrates Growth

Pastor Devon and his family started a home church and have been doing outreaches and building relationships to grow it ever since.

Nagaland fathers
A Gospel Camp for Fathers in Nagaland

Pastor Aki desires to disciple fathers to love their wives like Christ loves the church and to raise up their children in the fear of the Lord.

Medical missions in Moldova
Medical Mission Sees Door Opened Through Prayer

In a city where there has been no previous gospel witness, the Moldova medical missions team set out to minister the truth about Jesus.

Chile and Beyond
To Chile and Beyond and Back

From Liberia to the Philippines to Paraguay and beyond, Chileans who love Jesus are partnering with national believers in these countries.

Look back
God Gives Thailand Ministry Something to Look Back On

Oh, what a treasure when, in addition to Scriptural truth, the Lord gives us an opportunity to look back to personal memories of his faithfulness.

Tea shop
Tea Shops, Mountain Tops, and a Big Goat

God even moves in the hearts of people to go to a tea shop or to buy a big goat at the time when they need to hear the good news.

Discipling the Lisu People in Sound Doctrine

It's reported that the majority of Lisu people would identify as Christian. But, many of them have a way to go in understanding sound biblical doctrine.

young man pure
"How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure?"

Pastor Joseph, the leader of this project, has made it one of his chief ambitions to train up the youth in Togo and other West African countries.