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listen to God
When We Listen to God in Storms

Listen to God in times like an unusual rejection, illness, and weather. Storms bring opportunities for Christians and those yet to know Jesus.

Looking Back and Looking Forward together
Looking Forward and Looking Back

Leaders met in a new location for fellowship, learning, and prayer. By looking back and looking forward, we can trace God's movement.

Filling the starving, hungry, and empty
Filling the Starving, Hungry, and Empty

Biak was able to pass out 100 Gospel literature pamphlets with food. So many hungry people came that supplies were distributed in 20 minutes!

John Hangsing
Getting in on the Ground Floor

John has culture & language skill, passion for the Church, & theological training. With 30 days left, he laid the ministry ground floor.

English class in Brazil
How Teaching English in Brazil Has Gospel Impact

When passion for evangelism meets sound doctrine, faith grows! Learning English in Brazil is part of the equation.

New Believers and Disciple Makers

Tungpi began a discipleship program with 7 students, but that number grew to 17. People believe and then become disciple makers.

God's gifts of care for a family

Medical needs have been hard, but God has used them for good. We see His kindness in His care for a family serving in Guyana from Brazil.

Trinidad street
Hope on Trinidad

Finding hope on Trinidad isn't easy for families trapped in addiction. An influx of newcomers adds pressure, but it's also an opportunity.

Help and Prayer for Healing

When Fabi learned she had cancer, United States partners helped with treatment and prayed for healing. God is answering prayer. Join us?

church service outdoors
Taking the Church Service Outdoors

Protocols allowed only 10 people in a service. Corporate worship was complicated, but God provided a solution in a church service outdoors.

The Saint Who Was a Chief

Another name is counted among the saints in Christ as a chief follows Jesus. Pray for Pastor Joseph as he disciples the chief in his faith.

teenagers refugees
Making Room for the Unexpected

Caring for unaccompanied teenagers who are refugees means making room for the unexpected to care for needs and offer refuge.

Continual Harvest city
A Continual Harvest of Souls

God is working to bring a continual harvest among Sindhi, Hindu, and Sikh people living as a diaspora in the Philippines.

A Buddhist Harvest in Hard Places

God uses relief for communities to provide Suan permission to visit church members and those who need Good News for a Buddhist harvest.

A Personal Message from Myanmar

A personal message in a partner's own words tells about life & ministry in Myanmar. Partnerships are founded on relationships like this.

From Trauma to New Life

A leads a school for refugee students and their families. In his own words, he shares his testimony of how he came from trauma to new life.

According to God's Blueprint

Following God’s blueprint opens doors of ministry to young Syrian and Kurdish families. Economic collapse & overpopulation open needy hearts.

How God Used a Cafe to Share Christ

God used a faithful radio listener's favorite care to share Christ. When one man heard Good News, he passed it on over coffee.

Send out the word
Send Out the Word

Every night the station broadcasts scripture in 3 languages. The phone rings with questions, prayer requests, & requests to send out the word.

Under His Wings safety
Serving Under His Wings

Serving under His wings is a safe place. Whether traveling, counseling or holding meetings, God protects and keeps them healthy and safe.

Trouble Times Outreach Banner
God's Help in Times of Trouble

In a season of trouble, this team adapts to persevere. They continue with new and creative outreach. The holidays are an opportunity.

Medical Missions example
Two Paths to Medical Missions Service

God uses earthly circumstances in heavenly ways. Two nurses were moved to medical missions along two unique paths. #medicalmissions

Haiti School Means Hope
Haiti: Back to School Means Hope

After a series of tragic events in Haiti, back to school means hope in Haiti. Routines, learning, nutrition, & safety are reasons for praise.

Caribbean baptism
Caribbean Work That Cannot be Stopped

Pastor Y sees God at work in his country. His church has grown as new members come to faith in Christ & show it publicly. #CaribbeanWork

innovation Myanmar
Myanmar: Community Aid and Creative Ministry

National partners respond to waves of Covid-19 in Myanmar with creative ministry and Community Aid. Gospel proclamation looks different.

nicaragua saving grace
Snapshots of Saving Grace

Pastor Abel in Nicaragua ministers to youth and to other pastors and leaders. Together, they're experiencing God's saving grace. #savinggrace

"Do You Want to Be My Dad?"

“Do you want to be my dad?” he asked. "Of course,“ I responded. He smiled. This reminded me of our society’s deficiencies.

hill tribe ministry in thailand
Serving One Another in the Hills

"The ministry at our hill tribes churches are doing well and seem to me that they are staying safe and better than those of us in the city."

VBS in Moldova
Video: What Does VBS in Moldova Look Like?

Did you know that ministry leaders in countries across the world use VBS as a tool to reach kids and their families for Christ?

vision for a mobile school
The Vision for a Mobile School

A mobile school unit would allow their team to travel safely while transporting needed supplies, and to reach children in a wider area.

"There Are Young People in Every Nation Willing to Be Called to World Missions"

Bubu and Bahiti work with national believers in North Africa and the Middle East, discipling them and training them for lives of ministry.

reading the Gospel booklets
Baptism and Persecution

One thing that hasn't changed is the possibility of persecution for faith in Christ, especially in some of the more rural areas of Myanmar.

Examples of God's Mighty Work

This church in Indi has experienced some of the best examples of God's mighty saving and sanctifying work throughout the past year.

Sowing Seeds in Springtime

Spring arrived in Ukraine and Alex and Luba praise God for the beauty of nature in their part of the world. They're sowing seeds for eternity.

Invitations in a Bottle

Part of the event was that they wrote encouraging messages and invitations to people to contact our church and put them in bottles.

Victory in persecution
Victory in Persecution

He's seen so much fruit from his efforts and has even seen a pastor experience victory in persecution from the village leaders.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Imago Dei church has made huge efforts for outreach with young men, boys, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in mind first.

The Day to Day of Ministry

Pastor Abel is a master networker who encourages pastors and helps them plan, execute, and evaluate their ministry plans.

Salvation in the Hill Tribes

COVID inspired the Grace Ministries team to use house-to-house evangelism among the hill tribes in Thailand.

digital church services
Growing Through the Third Wave

It's so sweet to get a glimpse of some Gospel fruit as the third wave settles, and it makes all the perseverance worth it.

3 Stories of Women's Lives Transformed

The ministry works to see transformation in the lives of each child in their care through counseling, education, and Gospel presentation.

Learn God's Word
One Woman's Journey to Learn God's Word

Would women would be welcome? One woman wanted to learn God’s Word. Now she wants to share the truth with others in remote villages like hers.

Students and Slums
How Students and Slums Prepared for Suffering

Before Covid-19 a couple developed Bible studies, discipled students & equipped leaders as the pandemic descended on students and slums.

Cyclone Yaas: Adding Hardship to Hardship

When Cyclone Yaas hit land in India in May 2021, the effects rippled across country borders into Bangladesh.

Covid wave 2 in India
Navigating COVID Wave 2 in India

Our partners there working on planting churches in India call it a time of disease, death, distance, and difficulty.

Every Child at the Orphanage Has a Story

Farah’s mother then brought her to My Father’s House because she has nowhere else to go. God created Farah with purpose.

Protection on the Journey

As protests became increasingly violent, it became evident that the children of Grace Home needed to be removed to a place of safety.

Khamti (Myanmar)

Few Khamti have heard of a Savior who values them as creations of a loving God and came to serve them by dying for their sins.

Yakkha people
Yakkha "Dewansala" (Nepal)

Pray that the Yakkha would desire the unity and harmony that only Christ can bring to their communities.

From Vision 2020 to Vision 2025

Koinonia has identified a new goal called Vision 2025, which is to prayerfully see each of the 360 small groups become its own church.

Just Like Zacchaeus

Brother Elom hadn't made restitution with the people he offended. Now, just like Zacchaeus, Elom has made restitution.

Alex teaching
Teaching and Serving by Faith

Alex has been able to continue teaching the classes that he started earlier this year and is trusting the Lord will produce fruit.

The First New Believers

They've been discipling married couples, and in March they baptized the first new believers of the church in Baquedano!

Believers Understand the Gospel for the First Time

An older lady confessed, "I have been listening to the Word for a long time, but today I understood the Gospel."

Sherpa (Nepal)

The Sherpa are a Tibetan-related ethnic group made famous as trekking and mountain climbing guides in the high elevation regions of Nepal.

Ministry Goes On During Myanmar Military Coup

Pursuing through internet blackouts, one of our partners sent us this update of how God has allowed ministry to go on during the coup.

Despite the Pandemic Odds

Despite the pandemic odds, Pastor Stephen and his wife also planted a new church and began a new Christian school!

A Safe Haven for the Desperate

Desperate parents are knocking on the orphanage, begging to be able to leave their little ones within the safe walls of My Father’s House.

Providing for Special Needs

Zijah and Lorena began providing for physical needs of special needs students with hope that the door would open for Gospel conversations.

The Rocky Souls and Roads of the Himalayas

The journey was full of rocky roads and beautiful scenery. The couple was likely bringing the first Bibles the people ever read.

Precious People of Bosnia

Wave practices hospitality and has successfully introduced Middle Eastern refugees into the church to receive care and learn about Jesus.

24 Babies

24 babies were saved from abortion and mothers chose to receive God’s gift of eternal life.

Personal Experience of God's Unconditional Mercy and Grace

The personal experience of God's unconditional Mercy and Grace is the driving force when going through difficult cross-cultural situations.

Gifts All Around!

The less fortunate families were overwhelmed with love. The families received gifts, but also quality time and love.

A Covering for the Body and a Covering for Sin

The blankets, books, and food were appreciated. Sharing the news that Jesus provided a covering (atonement) for sin was the most important.

A Winter of Worship

The winter has been a season of corporate worship with other believers. Christmas celebrations in Ukraine last through mid January.

Carrying On... In COVID

They are a congregation with a passion for missions and are working to reach all age groups, even when restrictions make it more difficult.

Pressing on in Faith

The death rate of the villages in Myanmar is what attracted the couple to help. There had been a lack of missionaries and evangelists.

Raising Pastors and Leaders
Raising Pastors and Leaders

Trivandrum Bible College is strategically-located & academically-accredited. Despite restrictions theological educ. & training is happening.

Faith Baptist Bible College and Seminary
God at work through Leaders and Libraries

God is at work when governments rise & fall. At the time one country faced turmoil, God made a way for trucks filled with a library to arrive.

Reaching 70,000 Unreached

It was an excellent time for Tungpi and his team of evangelists to share the Good News of the Gospel with people who've never heard.

christmas outreach
The Gift of Jesus

While Biak and others passed out the physical gift of food, two others were able to present a short message about the spiritual gift of Jesus.

The KhaiKam Church Project

My prayer is that the church would be able to get enough funds to deposit a down payment for the land before this coming monsoon season.

Changed Plans and Changed Lives

Pastor Joseph's 2020 plans changed, but by the grace of God, he still made it to 13 churches in the mountains and valleys of Togo.

Photos: Happy Meals for Kids in the Philippines

One hundred (or more!) kids in the Philippines experienced God’s love and provision during the pandemic as they each received a treat.

Humanitarian Aid and Preaching the Gospel in Times of Covid-19

Thanks to the help of Live Global, we were able to help more than 400 people with food, medicine, and personal hygiene supplies.

The New Economic Reality in One Caribbean Country

I want to encourage you, in the midst of the pandemic, to continue moving forward with passion for reaching those who are lost.

A Trip to the Unreached Mountains

We preached the Gospel to many lost souls, some church-goers, and church leaders. We drove more than 1600 kilometres and hiked for many days.

What Brings Us Joy

Alexander eagerly desires to train more believers in small churches throughout Ukraine in God's Word by "going to them."

How Your Giving Makes a Difference: A Letter from Pastor Predestin

Before God and before men, your works will not be without reward because you have invested in the lives of orphans.

Adapting and Faithful

Mission work to the slum has been able to continue as long as they follow protocol and remain cautious in their presentation of the Gospel.

From the Radio to the Street

Our friends are passionate about using other means of evangelism besides radio to learn more about the people they're reaching.

5 Ways to Adapt Ministry
5 Ways a Church Adapts to Make a Movement

The Pandemic challenges Ministries globally. One church serving refugees adapted to create a movement with opportunities. #adapatableministry

Give the Gift of Clothing or Shoes

As one might imagine, the resources required to provide for the needs of so many are great, and clothing is just one of the necessities.

village church ministry Ukraine
Stuck with a Purpose

God's timing was no mistake when Alex Abramov was stuck in the US due to COVID-19. The divine opportunity allowed a new partnership to begin!

Health of Soura Leaders
The Soura Church Looks at the Health of its Leaders

If every life matters, the health of every life matters. The Soura Church wants to care for leaders and have them model godly health habits.

the school almost finished
The School on the Mountain

The vocational school equips 250 students to work in fields ranging from cosmetology to technology and electrical engineering.

8 Women Worshiping Jesus in Their Dark World

Their fresh updates reflect the power of God who saves and builds up under sometimes very difficult conditions.

"Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing in Jesus"

Even during a global pandemic, you can help national believers like Saya and Ko reach their countries in Asia for Christ.

Grace Care Joy Endurance
The Good, the Hard, and the Rainy

Grace Care finds joy in the good things while enduring the hard things complicated by rainy season. Find out how to join them in praying.

Kolkata Christian Fellowship
Trusting God for Giant Things - Building Expansion

They began 15 years ago with five people in a home. After many rented spaces, God widened their reach & gave them a place. Will you join in giant things?

Faith Baptist Bible College Library
One Box, One Prayer, One Voyage

Faith Baptist Bible College trains people to reach UPGs in their region. Partners are sending a library for theological learning.

One Tree. Five Adults. Twenty Children.

Physical and spiritual needs open doors of opportunity for primary school education to create relationships in the Grace Care community.

School Haiti
Doubling Up for School in Haiti’s New Normal

A combination of 2 crises created Haiti's new normal. As school starts, they trust the God of the Double Portion to provide. Pray with us?

Essential School Supplies

Before COVID-19 entered remote Nepal educators practiced the essential school supply. Join partners in prayer this school year.

Choose Life Ministry Center
Choosing Life is not Locked Down

Choose Life Center isn't locked down when impacting lives of women & the unborn. Moms in need find education, support, and hope in the gospel.

Powerless Pandemic
Without power, But Not Without Power

A cataclysmic combination of COVID-19, Cycolone Amphan, and economic lockdowns make it hard to go back to school. God's power overcomes.