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Listening to Find Hope

Christian Radio Ministry Find Hope

People in Cyprus need strength and courage, so they're listening to find hope. With news of conflict in nearby Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Syria, Cypriot citizens listen for messages of hope and truth about the new year and the future. Three years ago, a lady called the Christian Radio Ministry in Cyprus asking for a resource about future thing — the book of Revelation. Today, one of the Station programs teaches what God's word says about the end times, so the listener called again.

"I've been listening to your station constantly for the past 3 years and I also suggest your programs to all my friends! I also enjoy listening to the reading of the New Testament every night."

Prayerfully entering the new year, Theologos and Chrysso rejoice. They know, "It is through God's grace and provision that we were able to air so far." They know programs go out to listeners with personal needs, beloved families, and unanswered questions.

Find Hope for Grief and Loss

One listener wrote to say, "I lost my son one and a half years ago due to Covid.  He got sick and within 20 days, he died.  He was my firstborn.  I still have 4 sons, but the pain is there because every child is different."

God's Word overflows with comfort for loss. "I don't know what I would do without you," the listener shared,  "I found hope listening to your programs."

Because this grieving mother found hope over the radio, she explains, "I listen all day long, from morning till late at night.  Your programs give me strength, encouragement, and joy.  I even learned how to sing along with the songs from your station.  May God bless you and thank you."  

God uses the Station to bring strength and courage to the hurting who are listening to find hope.

Find Hope for Those Hungry for Truth

As this new year begins, people in Cyprus hunger for God's Word. Chrysso answered the phone to find an older lady calling to ask for a New Testament. The next day, the woman called back to say, "Thank you very much for sending it to me. I received it yesterday and I am already halfway through the book! Do you happen to have any other Christian books I could read as well?"

The hungry woman devoured the New Testament sent from the Christian Radio Ministry.

Find Hope for Every Day

Praise God for listeners seeking Him for present needs and future hope. One listener summed it up when she called the Station to say, "You give us so much strength and courage especially in the morning, before going to work, with your messages.  May God guide you always with His light. May God bless you."


  1. "Our hope and goal for the future is to continue to air ... to not just survive, but thrive!"
  2. Electricity bills keep rising. We would like to add solar panels to offset energy expense.
  3. We would like to hire more staff to help carry the ministry load.
  4. "We are praying and asking God for more people to join us on this journey."
  5. An area between Limassol and Paphos has a weak signal. We're asking God for a new transmitter.

If you want to listen, visit If you want to help with solar panels or a transmitter or learn more, follow THIS LINK at Live Global.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


The Radio Ministry Cyprus desires to proclaim the truth of God’s word across a strategic geographic location for more than just an hour of listeners' lives.

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  • That God would lead people who are ready to receive Christ to  listen to the radio station at the right time to hear the Gospel.
  • That God would provide the station with the funds and personnel they need to keep operating.
  • That God would protect everyone involved with the radio station as they serve, given the religious and political climate of the area.
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