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Help and Prayer for Healing


In March, Pastor John had a health emergency with his gallbladder.  While dealing with it, his dear wife Fabi started having health issues of her own.

Fabi was diagnosed with a tumor in her bladder.  Pastor John put his health issues on hold to focus on getting his wife the care she needed. The whole family traveled three hours to Guyana's capital city to find a qualified doctor to perform surgery on Fabi.  

Praying for Healing

In Guyana, there is free healthcare and private healthcare.  To get the best possible care, you need to pay for private healthcare.  Their partnering church in the United States and others donated to raise money to pay upfront for surgery.

The day before Easter, Fabi had half of her bladder removed and they waited for the results from testing the tumor.  They waited about 9 weeks to get the results. Live Global partners and North American church partners prayed with John and Fabi as they waited.  It was not what they wanted to hear.  

Waiting and Praying

Fabi was diagnosed with bladder cancer without clean margins. She needed care from a cancer doctor.  That meant heading home in June to Brazil to start treatment.  It took time to get an appointment. Time that Fabi didn’t have.  

In September, Fabi’s cancer doctor performed surgery to see what kind of treatment she needed.  It took two weeks for the results.  They received a call a few days before the appointment from the doctor.

Fabi was cancer-free!  Praise the Lord!

Fabi has follow-up appointments until February with the cancer doctor.  If all goes well, they will head back to Guyana to continue their ministry there.


Pastor João (John) and his family live in Guyana and serve the people there as a pastor, Christian leaders, and as trainers for new believers in Guyana.

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  • For God to raise up well-trained national pastors to lead and plant churches in Guyana
  • That God would provide the means for a children's ministry training conference for pastors and church leaders
  • That God would provide for the buildings where pastor João works to be restored
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