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Training Pastors and Children's Ministry Leaders

About Make a Difference

About Training Pastors and Children's Ministry Leaders

Guyana is one of the northernmost countries on the South American continent. Guyana's colonial history has left the country with a diverse and interesting population: East Indians and Africans make up much of the demographic, while English is the official language.

Because of the influence from India and Africa, people there practice Hinduism, Spiritism, and even Islam. Christians are in the minority. But yet, there is a remnant there and God is working to build His church in Guyana!

In His kindness, God provided the people of Guyana a mature Christian witness from neighboring Brazil. Pastor João (John) and his wife and family live in Guyana and serve the people there as a pastor, Christian leaders, and as trainers for new believers in Guyana. Their ministry includes leading a Bible institute, which helps fill an urgent need to raise up more well-trained pastors and leaders to lead and plant more Guyanese churches. The Nascimentos also plan to train pastors and children's ministry leaders in their country how to effectively teach the Bible to kids by working with the Children's Ministry Training project.

Meet the Leader: João

Pastor João grew up in Brazil and explored several religions during his youth: Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, and atheism. One day in his young adult years, João encountered a North American missionary and asked him if he would help him improve his english. The missionary offered a Bible study in English instead. After three months, João surrendered his life to the Lord! He attended a Bible institute in Brazil after this and met his wife Fabi there.

Fabi also grew up in Brazil. She was raised in a Catholic family, so when her Christian friends from school shared their faith with Fabi and she was convicted of her sins and came to faith in Christ, she experienced much resistance from her family. However, God worked in her parents' heart in allowing her to go to the Bible institute, where she desired to receive training so that she could follow the Lord's call to be a full-time missionary. Today, Fabi's parents are believers as well!

Make a Difference

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  • For God to raise up well-trained national pastors to lead and plant churches in Guyana
  • That God would provide the means for a children's ministry training conference for pastors and church leaders
  • That God would provide for the buildings where pastor João works to be restored
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