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Transportation for the Gospel in Togo

transportation for the gospel

It's not easy to get to the new church in Kati-Lomnava in the bush of Togo. It takes transportation for the gospel to get to remote places. When Live Global partner Joseph Akakpo can get to the Voodoo villages, God works.

Transportation for Kids to Go to School

On a recent Sunday, Joseph started the trek to Kati early in his mini-van. It can be slow going driving over the deep ruts and holes of the main highway, still hard clay and mud in many places. He invited another pastor to join him. As the community gathered, including the first converts among the lost, they preached God's word and taught a lesson to the adults while the children learned the Bible in another space. God worked, and some young adults and children accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

"After fellowship," Joseph explains, "we distributed school supplies for our kids and gave out your two donated bicycles, including the two bought, in the presence of their parents." For people in the Kati-Lomnava community, getting to school isn't easy either. A North American family gave the gift of two bikes to help some of the children make the 3-kilometer trip to school. "

The Lord’s name was glorified this morning with gratitude from attendants and parents. Glory be to God whom all blessings flow," Joseph shares.

God used a North American family to provide transportation for students in Togo to access an education.

Transportation for the Gospel to Change Lives

God is using Joseph in hard-to-reach Kati-Lomnava to share the gospel with people who once worshipped spirits and idols. Now, a church has been planted among the first believers. This village and its young church is like many across the bush of Togo. And it's not easy to get to any of them.

With his tribal heart language, his understanding of village culture, and his experience coming out of spirit worship to follow Jesus, Joseph is determined to go.

Undeterred by limited, poorly maintained roads, Joseph pushes his mini-van to the limit to get the gospel into the bush. The constant trekking is hard on his vehicle, so it requires regular repair work and maintenance to keep it going. When Joseph can get to unreached villages, God works.

Would you help provide transportation for Joseph to get to remote villages of Togo where small churches need teaching and the lost need to hear the gospel? One 4-wheel drive vehicle in West Africa is expensive, but a church or two churches could come together in a Harvest offering or special project to send a cultural insider named Joseph to take the gospel to the unreached. When Joseph can get there, God works.


After leaving tribal religion for new life in Jesus, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca are training families and planting churches in Togo, West Africa.

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Icon for Help with the amazing opportunity for a deeply discounted 4x4 vehicle to access communities ($22,000) Help with the amazing opportunity for a deeply discounted 4x4 vehicle to access communities ($22,000) - $500 Give Now »
Icon for Support a shepherd-leader in a village church ($150/month) Support a shepherd-leader in a village church ($150/month) - $150 Give Now »
Icon for Sponsor a kid for youth conference Sponsor a kid for youth conference - $5 Give Now »
Icon for Help Joseph build a house for Brother Yovo to serve in Kati ($200 total) Help Joseph build a house for Brother Yovo to serve in Kati ($200 total) - $200 Give Now »
  • Pray for Pastor Joseph and his team as they take trips for seminars for youths and their parents too.
  • Pray that someone would provide funds to provide a much- needed 4X4 vehicle to reach rural churches.
  • Pray for wisdom as the team responds to spiritual darkness in Togolese communities.
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