Share in the Joy over National Youth Conference 2017

Share in joy

You prayed for the National Youth Conference this August in Togo. And God answered!

Share in the Joy over Souls Saved

Share in the joy with Pastor Joseph (leader of the Training Families project in Togo) and the conference committee as the Lord has done great things!

More than 3,000 young people from all over West Africa descended upon the conference grounds in Togo. Some of the workshop classrooms even had to be turned into dormitories to house them all!

Back of the crowd

girls' dorms

There, God moved in the hearts and lives of the young people, some who heard and understood the gospel for the first time. Speaking sessions, singing groups, Bible quizzes, dramas, and prayer echoed across the tents and throughout the time God answered so many prayer requests.

prayer hour

The rain held off, God brought the right number of students, many students made decisions for Christ, the details went smoothly, and God provided the right amount of money to cover the cost the day after the conference was over.

Hopes for the Future

Now that the 2017 conference is in the books, Pastor Joseph is already looking ahead to 2020. But this time, he and the other leaders in charge are hoping they can get their own plot of land to be able to host 5,000 students. Live Global invites you to be part of making that a reality through prayer.

About Training Families

After experiencing a remarkable rebirth into the Christian faith, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca now have a vision to help build strong Christian families in Togo, West Africa. They are training families and Christian teens through regular gatherings, Bible studies, and national conferences.

Joseph's ministry is already involved with more than 150 local churches from the south to the north where they minister to parents and youths. But there is much more work to do. Togo has a population of 7 million people. Pray they can all be reached and discipled for Christ.