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No Time to Waste in Togo

no time to waste

Joseph knows there is no time to waste in the villages around Kati-Lomnava. After he met a family struggling to survive in the bush, God used North American believers to help Joseph build a well for the community. At first, showing God's love to the thirsty people living in dry mud homes came first in the form of running water. Most important, Joseph shared the greater gift of living water found in Jesus.

“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” (John 7:37b-38)

Living Water in a New Church

Above all, thirsty villagers of Kati received Jesus, and rivers of living water flowed. After that, on their first Resurrection Day celebration as followers of Jesus, eight villagers showed their new faith through baptism in the Zio River.

Not only did Joseph baptize the new disciples, but also help them to leave their old ways. Joseph and Pastor Bedu stood beside the first believing men of the village as they burned their voodoo fetishes. Now, the village chief waits to be baptized and show his tribe that he follows Jesus. Joseph celebrates how God works through his team.

"Bedu and his colleagues are doing marvelous work by making more disciples and emphasizing on evangelism with lost souls in the surrounding villages. No time to waste." - Joseph Akakpo

Redeeming the First Months of a New Church

Now, Pastor Bedu's team works to faithfully teach, visit, and encourage the young believers despite the challenges. "The Lord is bringing new souls to join the church gradually at His own timing," Joseph says. For example, "The children ministry is reinforced, and they are growing, knowing more in the Bible."

In the church's first months, two children's programs shared the gospel with over one hundred children. A partnership between Living Hope Ministry and Samaritan's Purse brought living water to the children of Kati.

In a word, God is working in and around Kati-Lomnava. There is no time to waste.

So, how can you help Joseph and Pastor Bedu to help the new believers in this young church to grow?

Here are 5 needs you or your church could help supply.

  1. Seminars for Biblical Parenting meet in August. Help feed those who come.
  2. Brother Yovo needs a small home to serve at Kati-Lomnava. It will be $200.
  3. $7000 remains to be raised for the drilling, tower, & solar panel of a well at a nearby village.
  4. $150 supports a shepherd-leader and his family for a month at the Edokope Church.
  5. To reach isolated areas like Kati-Lomnava, Joseph needs a 4x4 vehicle. In Togo this costs $60,000—God can provide.

Make a difference in what God is doing through Joseph's ministry in Togo. Give here.


After leaving tribal religion for new life in Jesus, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca are training families and planting churches in Togo, West Africa.

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Make a Difference

Icon for Help with the amazing opportunity for a deeply discounted 4x4 vehicle to access communities ($22,000) Help with the amazing opportunity for a deeply discounted 4x4 vehicle to access communities ($22,000) - $500 Give Now »
Icon for Support a shepherd-leader in a village church ($150/month) Support a shepherd-leader in a village church ($150/month) - $150 Give Now »
Icon for Sponsor a kid for youth conference Sponsor a kid for youth conference - $5 Give Now »
Icon for Help Joseph build a house for Brother Yovo to serve in Kati ($200 total) Help Joseph build a house for Brother Yovo to serve in Kati ($200 total) - $200 Give Now »
  • Pray for Pastor Joseph and his team as they take trips for seminars for youths and their parents too.
  • Pray that someone would provide funds to provide a much- needed 4X4 vehicle to reach rural churches.
  • Pray for wisdom as the team responds to spiritual darkness in Togolese communities.
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