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Hut Churches Growing in Number and Spirit

The Lord saves people in cities, villages, and even out in the bush of West Africa. Pastor Joseph, leader of the Training Families project in Togo, just got to witness God's kindness toward faithful bodies of believers in some of the most remote areas of Africa.

Yes, God is growing even the tiny hut churches and calling more people to His Kingdom day after day. So much so that some of these churches actually grow out of their huts!

Pastor Joseph Travels to Encourage Believers and Families

Pastor Joseph and his wife set out on an adventure out of the city to go encourage the believers in two different remote churches of Togo. About the first church, he said,

I was amazed to see the saints loving the Lord and demonstrating the fruits of their salvation. They started in a small wooden hut on a rented plot. Now they have a big cement block and an iron-sheet roof they built themselves without any external financial assistance.

The church members and children took Pastor Joseph and his wife to the new church building site for them to pray and praise the Lord before they entered and before they held their first worship service there.

The old hut
The new church building

Hut Church Faithful and Without Fear

Then Pastor Joseph and his wife visited another church in a different village. This church is still meeting in their hut building on a government plot of land, but they are growing in number and in spirit! What an encouragement to see such growth.

They could be kicked off the land at any time the government would like, but the church members have no fear. They have the joy of Jesus Christ for saving them from sin and giving them eternal life. Pray that they continue to be encouraged as a church family by Pastor Joseph's visit!


After experiencing a remarkable rebirth into the Christian faith, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca are training families in Togo, West Africa.

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