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Tears of shame to looks of hope: Families transformed

Praise God for a successful conference! Over 1500 parents and over 250 kids attended.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear 4 solid sermons from 3 inspiring preachers, 17 workshops in 3 different languages with 26 workshop leaders.

The workshops were on topics like, “Parents Imparting Blessings to Children” and “Vows Renewed”. Many of the lessons were new to all the participants, and generated many questions and much appreciation. In Joseph’s workshop, I saw faces with tears of guilt and shame, followed up at the end with looks of hope.

There have have numerous testimonies of how God is using the teaching to radically change lives and families. Here are a few:

“My wife and I were in serious problem in that we separated beds in the same house on the way for divorce. I did not go to the Parents Conference but my wife did. When my wife returned for our first time, we hold hands to pray and confessed to each other for reconciliation. The lessons at the conference through the Word of God changed my wife's life and I was contaminated. Praise the Lord! It is not a magic.”  - P.

“[A] Husband from our church came to the conference with his wife who was not a Christian... At the conference, the Word of God changed our lives through the workshops, sermons and the fellowship of the brethren. The result is when they went back home, his wife changed miraculously. Thank God for the Conference. - P.T.

Joseph and his team are hoping to host another conference in 2020 or sooner. Please pray that God would provide a venue and lodging for 5000 people.


After experiencing a remarkable rebirth into the Christian faith, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca are training families in Togo, West Africa.

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  • That families would see their need for a Savior.
  • That God would continue to work reconciliation in the families of West Africa.
  • That God would continue providing venues for the conferences.
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