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Common Need, Place, and Table in Togo

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To reach the people of Togo, Joseph knows parents share a common need to understand God's plan for their families. Isolation and illiteracy present obstacles, but Joseph and his team commit themselves to help parents learn God's Word. Reaching parents means reaching kids and communities.

Common Need Among Families in Togo

First, in summer, Parent Seminars equip moms and dads with God's truth for raising children. The key verse for the 2022 seminars is 2 Timothy 3:1-9. Joseph believes training parents includes helping them to recognize "a form of godliness" that could cause their children to be, "always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth." Their theme is "Pious Parents in a Drunken World."

By training families in God's truth, Joseph reaches the next generation in Togo.

Some of the parents in Kpalime shared what they learned.

"At first, I never prayed with my kids but now I promise to start praying with them and I will also try to control my anger." - A mom from Tove Church

"From this seminar, I will train my children to be good examples in the neighborhood and reinforce our family devotion." - A Pastor and his wife

"That our kids can have the fear of the Lord and one of them at the age of 12 can repent from stealing our things in the house." - A couple from Adzrakope church

"I will no longer pronounce a curse or malediction on my kids when I am angry and will go to church together with our kids during every fellowship. They will no longer stay in the house while I am at worship." - A father from Tove church

"We promise to guide our kids on the way of God, and we will restart the good training we were giving to our kids before." - A couple from Yeviepe church

"I have made a commitment to respect the words in the Scriptures to be a pious father in this drunken world and pray for me to put all into practice." - Mr. Agbeli

"Pray for the restoration of my marital status." - A husband, Mr. Aziangue

"I have learned that family devotion can help me educate and train my children in this drunken world." - A mother, Mrs. Amekoudi

After the Parent Seminar Series, Joseph's team holds Youth Seminars and Bible Quizzing from August to October. God is working in Togo, and it begins with training families.

A Gathering Place for Parents to Learn

Pray for Joseph's team. As people hear testimonies about the powerful teaching for families, many more request the same seminars. There are more requests than the team can manage!

The team plans to combine groups from multiple churches to meet the needs. They work in zones to ensure all of the churches receive vital teaching. The Northern zones completed their seminars, but six zones remain in the South for the rest of 2022.

There is no time to waste as the team teaches God word, counsels parents, and strengthens churches.  On August 6th, a single seminar for ten churches with over 500 participants will be held in an auditorium. This will allow Joseph and the team to teach many parents and impact many families.

Eating Together for Training Families

The shared meal is a vital part of the Parent Seminar ministry. In the 2022 seminars until now, the team fed over 1,000 parents. Bringing together over 500 parents in a single seminar is a big task.

"Feeding these parents will be a great challenge for us, but we have no choice as we have a Bigger God who will make the provision through His people." - Joseph


After leaving tribal religion for new life in Jesus, Pastor Joseph and his wife Francisca are training families and planting churches in Togo, West Africa.

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  • Pray for Pastor Joseph and his team as they take trips for seminars for youths and their parents too.
  • Pray that someone would provide funds to provide a much- needed 4X4 vehicle to reach rural churches.
  • Pray for wisdom as the team responds to spiritual darkness in Togolese communities.
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