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Serve at a Bible Institute (Dominican Republic)
Live Global is starting a new work around the area of Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic in 2022. This will be led by Ismael (a Hatian national), who is currently raising his support to serve full time with Live Global. The focus will be on training Haitian pastors who minister in this area where there is a large population of Haitian individuals. Ismael is Haitian himself and has completed his doctoral work in theology. His desire is to start a Bible Institute for those who would like further training as well as for those who would like to earn a degree in biblical education. In 2022, we are looking for pastors from North America who would be willing to help Ismael in building relationships with the 80 pastors who serve this group. He is looking to conduct several workshop conferences over this next year. If you are interested, you could present a workshop on a topic you already have prepared or consider an issue in which they would like some additional training. 

Teach Modules to Pastors (Dominican Republic)
Live Global is starting a new training initiative for pastors around the area of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This will be led by Mark, a Live Global North American team member. There is a large population of Haitian individuals in this area, including a number of churches. There are currently 30 Haitian pastors who have signed up to participate in modules using the material published by Bible Training Centre for Pastors. These modules will be conducted three to four times a year. A pastor from Haiti will be the translator as well as one of the teachers. We are looking for two additional pastors from North America to participate in the teaching for each module. Materials will be provided for those  interested in being part of this teaching team.

Train Pastors on the Sugar Plantations (Dominican Republic)
Live Global is exploring ways to  provide pastoral and leadership training to churches in the bateys of the Dominican Republic, especially around La Romana. A batey is a settlement of people, primarily Haitian, on a sugar plantation. These people work hard for little income, roughly $1 a day. They are usually poor and not highly educated. There are roughly 500,000 people living in bateys in the DR. While there is often a church or two in each batey, the leadership usually has very limited knowledge of the Bible. Mark, a North American Live Global team member, is exploring ways to minister to these people. We are looking for pastors and leaders from North America who would like to engage in this ministry that is still in its formative stages.

Train Churches (Nepal)
Live Global is partnering with a training team in Kathmandu. This group works with churches throughout  Nepal in training their leadership. Nepal is a country where the Christian faith is growing rapidly with new  churches starting. Leadership, as well as the membership in these churches, often have a limited background in the bible. The training team here is providing condensed and highly interactive seminars to groups of leaders from several churches at a time. A North American Live Global team member who lives in Nepal oversees the planning and scheduling of this training. We are looking for pastors and leaders  from North America who are willing to provide a topic they already have prepared or do the necessary study for a topic that is being requested.

Train Pastors (Pakistan)
Live Global is partnering with a pastor in Pakistan to provide training for a group of 30 pastors in his region. Some of these pastors serve churches that routinely meet in a physical location. Some of these pastors serve groups of individual Christians who meet informally.  Most of these pastors have less than a high school education and limited Bible education. Christians in this country face a fair amount of persecution which makes public ministry more challenging. Training here will be conducted quietly so as not to draw adverse attention. The format and topics will be determined by the partnering pastor. Those pastors and leaders from North America who wish to participate need to be aware that this is considered a high-security country. A North American Live Global Teammate will give final approval to all individuals and plans for those interested.

Evangelism and Training (Romania)
Our partner in the area of Draganesti-Olt is organizing teaching and training for ministry leaders in his area. Our Live Global national partner is an indigenous church planter in an economically depressed and spiritually neglected area of Romania. By serving the community, our partner has formed relationships in which many are seeking truth. The students involved will be both non-believers and new believers. Topics will be pre-determined by the needs and desires of the participants in coordination with our North American Live Global team member working with this group.

Train Field Workers (India)
Live Global is partnering with Kolkata Christian Fellowship (KCF) in the training of their field workers. KCF is a church-based ministry. They have roughly 15 field workers who serve in various areas of India. They are looking for pastors and church leaders willing to conduct three-day seminars in Kolkata. This training would be comprised of theologically based topics/themes that would be determined by the KCF leadership team in coordination with Live Global.

Pastoral Training and Biblical Counseling (India)
Live Global has entered into a multi-year agreement to provide pastoral training for the leadership of the  Soura churches in the Odessa state of India. This is a tribal group of individuals with well over 100,000  Christians. They have a unique arrangement of roughly 1,000 churches that are overseen by 40 primary pastors. While some training has been conducted over Zoom during the Covid lockdowns, they are desiring to begin in-person training. The students include Soura pastoral leaders who have a basic theological background and are eager to learn and assimilate into ministry. Training would be arranged into 3-5 day segments with Bible-based theological and topical studies in agreement with the Soura leadership and Live Global.

Women's Ministry Training (India)
Live Global is working to provide training for a network of Soura Women’s Ministry leaders. These leaders need assistance in starting and sustaining women’s ministry among the Soura’s organization of 1,000 churches. Presentations for this training will need to stay alert to the cultural distinction of the Soura population. Insights into this will be shared by a Live Global team member serving in this area. A special focus on the transferability of material will be needed as this training will involve roughly 30 primary women’s leaders who will then share this training with others in their network. The agreed-upon topics will be shared over a three-day seminar.

Youth Ministry Training (India)
The network of Soura youth ministry leaders is looking for training unique to their focus on teens. They want to assist their churches to be equipped to start and sustain a youth ministry among their 1,000 churches. While there are some cultural differences, they face many of the same challenges as churches in North America. They are specifically looking for a Bible-based approach to working with teens along with insights into some of the practical issues they face. This training, conducted for roughly 30 of their primary youth leaders, will need to be both transferable and interactive. This will take place during a highly packed three-day schedule.

Seminary Teaching (India)
The Trivandrum Bible College/Seminary in Kerala is looking for professors. In order to comply with state requirements for certification of their program, all pastors and church leaders who come to teach must have a master's of doctorate degree. Students in this program will serve throughout India and in neighboring countries. A specific class cohort will be comprised of 15 to 25 students. Some of the needed biblical topics include Pastoral Epistles & Counseling, Christian Ethics, Romans & Galatians, Hermeneutics, Minor Prophets, Major Prohphets, and Synoptic Gospels. This can be a great opportunity for retired leaders with some available time to conduct a three-week seminar.

Remote Training (India)
Kohima Leadership Training in Nagaland is looking for pastors and church leaders for teaching  three-day seminars in conjunction with the national partner on predetermined topics. This will require some travel outside of the main cities in India to one of the more physically rough sections of the country.  Travel and logistics will be in coordination Live Global. You can expect to serve 5-7 days. The students are both male and female with a strong desire to strengthen their growth in the Bible as well as serve in lay ministry.

Teach Bi-vocational Ministry Leaders (India)
This training will be conducted in Kolkata to teach and equip ministry leaders specifically ministering and reaching out to the 55-island archipelago of the Sundarbans. Many of the students are bi-vocational and are serving in several capacities, such as home fellowship leaders, children’s ministry leaders, and women’s small group leaders. The topics, themes, timing, and format will be determined in advance by the leaders involved.

Equip Bible Students (India)
In the northeast section of the country, we are looking to provide some training and encouragement to a group of 40 church leaders. They are looking to establish a Bible/Pastors Training School. This is a part of the country with a comparatively large number of Christians and churches. They are looking to train and equip Bible students and seasoned ministers with more tools and resources. While on-site training is always preferred, they are also open to virtual opportunities to learn and grow. 

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