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How Teaching English in Brazil Has Gospel Impact

English class in Brazil

One of the greatest needs for the church in Brazil is for more theological lecturers, writers, teachers, thinkers, and—of course—preachers. It's important that these be trained at the highest academic level. When passion for evangelism meets sound doctrine, faith grows! Learning English in Brazil is part of the equation. Here's how!

Diego desires for God to use him in the work of raising up men and women who have high theological training. He also hopes God will use him to develop a culture of evangelical scholarship in Brazil that is deeply rooted in the local church.

To accomplish these two goals, Diego has a strategy and it begins with—yes—English!

"English Only" Lunches

At the seminary where Diego works, he's spending extra time investing in young students. A major goal for Diego is to help these students get their English up to scratch so they can interact with the vast amount of biblical scholarship available in English.

Diego had the idea to host lunches where students of any year can attend—and during that time they can only speak in English!

"They already have a good grasp of English and are attending our table in order to perfect their conversational skills. I’m really pleased with their development," Diego said.

From English to Portuguese

Diego knows that in order for students to continue their education long after they earn their degree, they will have to have a good grasp of English in order to study English materials. But, Diego hopes that one day his students will be part of creating more and more resources in their first language—Portuguese. That way, future generations will have access to these resources without the language barrier.

Join us in praying for Diego as he labors on behalf of theological education in Brazil.

You Can Teach English in Brazil

As a native English speaker, you can be part of Diego's work in Brazil. If you would like to teach English on a short-term trip alongside Diego, let us know!


Diego seeks write, preach, teach, encourage, and train pastors so that more Brazilians will publish Christian literature and theological books.

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