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"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)

Luba Abramov continues to faithfully serve the Lord in Ukraine in the middle of much uncertainty: economic uncertainty, political uncertainty, and even the uncertainty of not knowing from one day to the next if electricity or water will be available, and if it is, for how long. Like the rest of the world, she and her team at CHOOSE LIFE have also had to adapt to the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19. Luba says, 

“We have never experienced anything like it, and all of us had to learn to live and to minister to others in a new reality. We had to move forward one step at a time often unsure of what lay ahead. This year certainly taught us to fully entrust our lives, everyday activities, and the future of the ministry to God!”


In February, as Luba was preparing to report on the Women’s Center at a CHOOSE LIFE board meeting, she was amazed to see how God graciously led the ministry team to women who were in need “using an unplanned but manageable path.” Babies were saved from abortion and mothers chose to receive God’s gift of eternal life. Luba says that even in the numbers, she sees the grace of God.


As the team faces the challenge of planning for 2021, Luba says they have learned to hold the plans loosely. “We want to let God direct every detail of our lives and this ministry to women facing crisis pregnancy.” Just recently, the CHOOSE LIFE team has been able to share about their ministry in various churches, and invite new volunteers to partner with them. 

Would you please pray for Luba and her team at CHOOSE LIFE and the ministry of the Women’s Center?

  1. Pray that many new volunteers will join the ministry, and that new COVID-19 restrictions will not hamper volunteer training taking place in April. 

2. Pray for the salvation of clients who are currently studying the Bible.


Alexander and his team especially desire to reach churches in small, rural areas, where access to seminary education is not as prevalent.

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  • Pray for God to provide the funding for Alexander to be able to conduct seminars at churches that can't pay for his travel expenses
  • Pray for many women to come to know the Lord through the women's center outreach
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