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Theological Seminars with Alex Abramov

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About Theological Seminars with Alex Abramov

Alexander Abramov and his ministry team provide hope, training, and encouragement to churches of Ukraine by conducting theological seminars across the country. By invitation, Alex and his team conduct two to four hour seminars at these churches where they present theological, biblical topics. They especially desire to reach churches in small, rural areas, where access to seminary education is not as prevalent. North American support and partnership will help Alexander and his team go to churches that cannot cover the cost of their travel expenses.

Meet the Leader: Alexander Abramov

Alex was raised in a Christian home and heard the gospel from a young age. He trusted Christ in his youth.

Alex's passion has been theological education and so he taught at a seminary in Ukraine for many years. But as the number of seminaries grew in the country, his began to see a decline in students. So, Alex and one other seminary professor began his ministry conducting theological seminars across Ukraine as a way to bring the teaching to those who wouldn't otherwise attend seminary.

Alex is married to Luba, who leads another Live Global project in the Ukraine.

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    • Pray for God to provide the funding for Alex to be able to conduct seminars at churches that can't pay for his travel expenses
    • Pray for God to raise up more men and women in the Ukraine with sound doctrine
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