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Gospel Illustrator

My name is Wesley Layne, the husband of my wonderful wife Elizabeth, and father to my two awesome boys, Oliver and Calvin. We are a blessed bunch.    

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and art in general. In 2018 my good friend Andrew called and asked me if I wanted to help with a coloring book project for a curriculum called 99 adventures. I worked in finance at the time in a call center to support my family , and didn’t have a ton of time to draw. The project sounded too awesome to pass up , however.   

99 adventures is an amazing Bible curriculum. Written by Jim Cook who has decades  of experience in Children’s ministry, wrote the curriculum in such a way as so children who have no familiarity of the scriptures could be walked through the major stories in such a way that demonstrates clearly how all Scripture points to Jesus. You can see the curriculum for yourself here. As of this writing, it’s currently in 7 languages with more to come.  

This is where me and my family come in. Children learn visually, and love to color. Indigenous missionaries  who use the curriculum have asked for coloring pages to go along with the curriculum to further engage the children in the message and help bring it to life. I started out doing them by hand and eventually went digital. I am now actually, by God’s  grace, an illustrator by trade and, and I weekly seek to work this project into my schedule, hoping to finish it this year. At the time of this writing, I am nearly half way finished , chipping away at it in my spare time for the last couple of years. Join me praying for this project, that God would use 99 adventures and the artwork I’m providing for it, to help further His Kingdom to people who have never heard of His wonderful Gospel.