John & Becky

John and Becky, along with their nine children have hearts for the lost, desperate, and abandoned children living in the world’s most difficult places. As Live Global missionaries, they work to empower national churches in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, India, and Nepal through their ministry “Love Goes Home”. They understand that the local church in each national setting knows best how to care for orphans in their own community and that believers in North America can play a vital role in those efforts. 

Love Goes Home assists churches in bringing Jesus, safety, hope, and love to the most desperate people on earth.

Rescuing homeless children at risk of gang violence, trafficking, disease, and starvation.

Enabling national believers to be financially and spiritually equipped to care for abandoned children.

John and Becky are committed to advancing the Gospel in both word and deed. They desire to encourage churches in obeying God’s command to care for orphans both physically and spiritually.

About Live Global – our organization:

Live Global passionately cultivates edifying relationships between the North American Church and ministries across the globe to multiply Gospel impact on their communities and beyond.

We don’t start, lead, or own ministries. Rather, we come alongside global brothers and sisters and serve them.
After we have a relationship with our national partners, we connect them to believers in North America to multiply their ministry.