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Who are “the nations,” and how should the local church reach them?

Live Global has one driving passion: to see all people love and worship Jesus by understanding the good news of the Gospel. Because of that, we're excited to be a part of Together for the Gospel, as well as be a part of a panel discussion about reaching the nations.

If you’re attending Together for the Gospel, join us for lunch as we explore these mission issues together from a Gospel-centered perspective—hosted by The Missions Podcast.

This event will be during a lunch slot of T4G - on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 from 12:00-2:00 PM

Lunch & Discussion Details

  • $10 ticket cost
  • Hosted at Ice House | 0.5 miles from KFC Yum! Center (10 min. walk)


Paul Davis
President, ABWE

Zane Pratt
Vice President, IMB

Darren Carlson
President, TLI

Brooks Buser
President, Radius International

George Collins
Live Global

Dr. John Klaassen
President, Reaching and Teaching