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A Portrait of a Mountain Village Transformed by Christ

mountain village

Life in a Village on a Mountain

The road is dirt with loose rock that is slippery and dangerous. The one lane road zig zags up the mountain with no guardrails or other signs to warn of danger. If you have a motorized vehicle, the risk of the brake system going out is a real concern.

Life in a village on a mountain is remote and hard. But God is at work in that village on the mountain.

God at Work Through National Believers

The new church there was dedicated last month. What a wonderful celebration it was! Many came out to see and celebrate with Live Global’s national partner pastor we call "Pastor RK."

In this country, everyone removes their shoes when entering a building. At church, everyone sits orderly on the floor. What a difference from North America!

Mary said that at the church dedication “the believers were encouraged to keep growing in Him as living stones of God’s building – His church!”

Breaking the Cycle of Illiteracy to Read God's Word

For children in grades 1-3 who live in this mountain village, it is a ninety minute one way walk to the closest primary school. For the older children it is a three hour one way walk to their school.

Mary said, “The young children of Pastor RK’s village cannot travel the dangerous road to and from the school at the bottom of their mountain everyday – so most cannot attend school until they are 10 years or older, at which point many do not attend school because of being laughed at by classmates 5 or more years younger than them, so most adults in their village cannot read. Three newly trained teachers returned to their village bringing books for the classes they will start teaching on April 15th!”

These teachers will help tutor this village in several subjects: Bible stories, reading, writing, and numbers in the country's language, and basic English (alphabet, sounds, and basic vocabulary).

teaching on the mountain

With Christ’s help this village is going to break the cycle of illiteracy and not knowing basic skills. With Christ's help, these kids will be able to read, and specifically be able to read God's Word for themselves!

How to Partner with Sajan and Mary

Pray for the kids getting tutored and the teachers as they are just starting to teach. Would you consider giving financially to help with school supplies?

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Pastors here often have less than one day of training, but Sajan and Mary work to strengthen local pastors in their city and in mountainous villages.

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Make a Difference

Your giving enables ministry work like this to continue. Please consider joining us financially in this work.
  • Pray that God would provide the physical needs for pastors and their church members throughout this mountainous country in Asia.
  • Pray that God would grant pastors here wisdom, discernment, and understanding of His Word.
  • Pray that the church would continue to grow in this country and that God would work despite the enemy's desire to squash it.
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