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"So I Baptized Them All"

Baptized them all

This little gospel tract titled "The Ancient Path" packs a powerful punch and it's having a tremendous impact throughout Asia as more and more evangelists are using it in their outreaches.

And by "evangelists," we mean national believers who have dedicated their lives to reach their own people in their own countries for Christ.

Suanpu Systematically Travels Myanmar

One such evangelist is Suanpu, a Burmese national, who has been raised up and trained to share the gospel and witness to unbelievers in his country.

Using "The Ancient Path" tract, Suanpu has been evangelizing new areas around his village. He has been systematically traveling farther out each time. And he is also returning to areas where he has passed out tracts, shown videos, and had opportunities to teach to follow up after his efforts.

This is tough plowing in very gospel-resistant soil. Although there is constant opposition, God is blessing and Suanpu is seeing converts among the Buddhists in his area.

Suanpu "Baptizes Them All"

Here is his report from the last few months:

The Lord has answered our prayers and six people with whom I have shared the gospel decided and confessed that they believe in Jesus as the only true God and Savior and decided to follow Him. They wanted to get baptized, so I baptized them all.


A book called "The Ancient Path" circulating throughout Southeast Asia talks about how the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Westerners.

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  • Pray that many would hear and believe the good news about Jesus.
  • Pray that God would use the digital versions of these tracts to make it into unreached parts of Asia.
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