Getting the Gospel into the Heart Language of All People

Heart language of Karen people

For me, if I hear the gospel in English or Thai, I may understand it. But if someone is sharing it in Karen, this touches my heart more. Especially if a song is in Karen, my heart opens faster.—A recent Thai (Karen) convert

Just like this person from the Karen people group said, when people hear the gospel in their own heart language, they respond differently than if it were in their second or third language.

That’s why the team at the Printing the Story of Jesus project in Asia is working hard to translate their gospel tract, “The Ancient Path,” into more and more languages.

Heart Language Priorities for 2017

You can already read “The Ancient Path” in six languages: Vietnamese, Burmese, Chin, traditional characters Mandarin, simplified characters Mandarin, and Nepali.

Translation is in process this year for Mongolian, Maithili, Rakhine Arakanese, and Urdu.

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Why Rakhine Arakanese?

The Rakhine Arakanese number about 3 million people. Of those, 2.7 million live in western Myanmar. They have no portion of the Bible translated and their is no known gospel literature in their heart language.

Please pray for the team to translate “The Ancient Path” with ease and proficiency so that the gospel can get into the hands of the Rakhine Arakanese people quickly.

About Sharing the Story of Jesus

A little booklet called "The Ancient Path" circulating in several languages throughout Southeast Asia talks about how the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Westerners. It details how the true account of Jesus begins way before Buddha, Confucius, or Mohammad.

So far, "The Ancient Path" is printed in six languages: Vietnamese, Burmese, Chin, traditional characters Mandarin, simplified characters Mandarin, and now Nepali. Plus, Mongolian, Urdu, Rakhine Arakanese, and Tharu are underway and should be available for print soon. The project is looking to expand into to more Asian languages and to print what is being requested by the Christian community for distribution.