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Why Evangelists Use the "Ancient Path"

Ancient Path recipient

The "Ancient Path" is a small, but powerful gospel tract written from an Eastern culture worldview. It's used by the Printing the Story of Jesus project and other evangelists all throughout Asia. Its concise gospel message and cultural relevance are why evangelists use the "Ancient Path." Multiple of them have given us their perspective on how it's been helpful for them!

Not Too Short Nor Too Long

I have distributed a lot of gospel tracts, which are good, but most of them are just two or three small pages. But the "Ancient Path" is different from other gospel tracts because it is not too short nor too long. (24 small pages and 10 minutes to read.) Plus, the introduction talks about us in our country, so it attracts people to read it. It gives all the information an unreached person needs to know.—Pastor Tun, Myanmar

Yes, one of the exciting aspects about the "Ancient Path" is that it contains Scripture and other helpful explanations that together make up enough information for someone to begin a relationship with Jesus.

Ancient path booklet distributor

Typically, evangelists in Asia will pass out this gospel tract alongside a portion of Scripture or a complete Bible. Here is what another evangelist said about the gospel tract:

What I would Like to Tell the Person

The information inside is what I really would like to tell to the person that I am sharing with.—Evangelist Win Tin, Myanmar

And praise God for how the "Ancient Path" leads to further conversations and discipleship with the people who receive copies.

Friends and Family Greatly Moved

When our friends and relatives read this book, they are greatly moved when they learn that God created the heavens and everything in it, and they learn of the way of salvation through the life of Jesus who sacrificed Himself for the sinners of the world which no other person or religious leader could do.—Evangelist Hu`ng, Vietnam

Please continue to pray that the "Ancient Path" will be translated into more languages so that evangelists in more countries throughout Asia will have access to this gospel tract.



A book called "The Ancient Path" circulating throughout Southeast Asia talks about how the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Westerners.

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