Video: “Distributing Gospel Tracts Is the Most Effective Way”

distributing gospel tracts

“People mistakenly believe that Christianity has its origins in the West,” says Tungpi. “It is a serious misunderstanding. These ‘Ancient Path’ gospel tracts show that in fact, it is the oldest religion on the earth. My goal is to go, reach the unreached, and make disciples. So how do we do it?”

Tungpi is a national believer and evangelist from Myanmar who spends his days distributing gospel tracts to people in his country, many of whom have never heard of Jesus.

Distributing gospel tracts is the most effective way to reach the unreached in Myanmar, Tungpi says. You’ll have to watch the video to find out why. Be sure to turn up the volume!

About Sharing the Story of Jesus

A little booklet called "The Ancient Path" circulating in several languages throughout Southeast Asia talks about how the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Westerners. It details how the true account of Jesus begins way before Buddha, Confucius, or Mohammad.

So far, "The Ancient Path" is printed in six languages: Vietnamese, Burmese, Chin, traditional characters Mandarin, simplified characters Mandarin, and now Nepali. Plus, Mongolian, Urdu, Rakhine Arakanese, and Tharu are underway and should be available for print soon. The project is looking to expand into to more Asian languages and to print what is being requested by the Christian community for distribution.