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"The Ancient Path" Goes Digital


From rustic villages in the mountaintops to bustling third-world cities, this little gospel tract has been distributed and read by thousands and thousands of Asians.

God's Redemptive Plan on Paper

"The Ancient Path" is a powerful gospel tract written from the Asian perspective, detailing the events of history and God's redemptive plan for all nations. Translated into several Asian languages, it shares Scripture, context, and the story of Jesus.

Until now, paper has been the only mode of delivery for "The Ancient Path." So in some places where printing the tract is dangerous or cost prohibitive, it's been tough to get copies of the tract for widespread distribution.

But, God has a plan.

Smartphones Mean Greater Access

Smartphones are popping up across the globe more and more, even in some of the most remote places. To get God's Word and "The Ancient Path" gospel tract spread widely in Asia, we think that technology will have to play a part. And God has provided the means.

He has provided men and women to develop a website for "The Ancient Path," digital versions of several "Ancient Path" translations, and even a mobile app. For now, they're starting with digital versions of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English. They're working hard on Burmese, Vietnamese, and Nepali, with the hopes of finishing sometime this year.

Different People, Different Places, Different Ways

Printing paper tracts will still be necessary in much of the unreached world in the 10-40 window for some time to come. And actually, unlike in the West, when people in these parts of Asia get a printed copy of something they treasure it highly because receiving anything printed is so rare! They often stop what they're doing and read the whole thing immediately. But this new digital avenue will be one we trust God will use mightily in the days to come.

Praise God for how He works to reach people in many different places in many different ways. Pray for the digital "Ancient Path" to reach many lost souls in Asia with the life-saving truth of the gospel.


A book called "The Ancient Path" circulating throughout Southeast Asia talks about how the story of Jesus wasn’t just made up by Westerners.

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  • Pray for resources to be funneled into this project.
  • Pray that many would hear and believe the good news about Jesus.
  • Pray that God would use the digital versions of these tracts to make it into unreached parts of Asia.
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