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Southeast Asia
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About Sharing the Story of Jesus

A little booklet called "The Ancient Path" circulating in several languages throughout Asia helps address the reader's apprehensions about Christianity and outlines the Gospel in detail.

This Gospel tract first addresses the Asian misconception that Christianity is only a Western religion. Then it leads the reader through the biblical account of Creation, through Old Testament history, to the birth of Jesus, and to Christ's death and Resurrection. The reader will learn that salvation is through faith alone in Jesus Christ and be challenged to make a decision to follow Christ today.

"The Ancient Path" is printed in many Asian languages and more are in the translation process.

Latest Updates from Sharing the Story of Jesus

"Nothing Will Stop Me From Believing in Jesus"

Even during a global pandemic, you can help national believers like Saya and Ko reach their countries in Asia for Christ.

distributing gospel tracts
Video: "Distributing Gospel Tracts Is the Most Effective Way"

Distributing gospel tracts is the most effective way to reach the unreached in Myanmar, Kimpi says. You'll have to watch the video to find out why. Be sure to turn up the volume!

"The Ancient Path" Goes Digital

He has provided men and women to develop a website for "The Ancient Path," digital versions of several "Ancient Path" translations, and even a mobile app.

"Found" in Translation

Bijaya has been working on a translation of “The Ancient Path” into the local language of an unreached group, which he thought was Maithili.

monk receives Bible
Buddhist Monk Receives Bible After Wanting One for Two Years

The monk was so happy when I gave him the Bible and he even told me that it had been a long time that he was longing to have this.

Baptized them all
"So I Baptized Them All"

Using "The Ancient Path" tract, Suanpu has been evangelizing new areas around his village. He has been systematically traveling farther out each time.

Least evangelized division of Myanmar
Reaching the Least Evangelized Division of Myanmar

Tungpi hit a big city in the least evangelized division. He had previously sent 60,000 "The Ancient Path" gospel tracts to pastors and evangelists.

Heart language of Karen people
Getting the Gospel into the Heart Language of All People

"For me, if I hear the gospel in English or Thai, I may understand it. But if someone is sharing it in Karen, this touches my heart more."

Ancient Path recipient
Why Evangelists Use the "Ancient Path"

Its concise gospel message and cultural relevance are why evangelists use the "Ancient Path." Multiple of them have given us their perspective.

The Gospel in Maithili

Pranaam! Kushal kine? That means "Hello! How are you?" in Maithili. Finally those who speak this language will get the gospel in their language.

Make a Difference

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  • Pray for resources to be funneled into this project.
  • Pray that many would hear and believe the good news about Jesus.
  • Pray that God would use the digital versions of these tracts to make it into unreached parts of Asia.
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