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"Do You Want to Be My Dad?"

Editor's Note: This is a letter from Alvaro Ramirez to Live Global. It has been left unedited because he tells this story best!

One evening after our Wednesday prayer meeting, I found myself next to one of the kids that regularly attends our Bible studies. As I drove them back home. He looked at me and said, “I need to ask you a question.” I responded, “Adelante (go right ahead).” “Do you want to be my dad?” he asked. "Of course,“ I responded. He smiled. This reminded me of our society’s deficiencies. What a great job Satan has done in removing fathers from their godly responsibility of inspiring, leading, and loving on their children! Even Hollywood capitalizes on it. A father figure missing is a common background story or main plot in films. Running from Top Gun to The Good Dinosaur, we see the impact that the father figure, or lack of it, has on the character of the movie. But in real life the story may not have a happy ending. I can’t help myself but ask, are we Christian dads taking the opportunity to love on those children that we have influence on, including our own? The answer to that question must be reflected on in the intimacy of our hearts.

However, if you are partnering with us, I assure you that indirectly you are having a positive influence in the children here.

Our Vision for Families

Our vision for the community is to create Bible trained families. We believe that if our homes are equipped with Bible knowledge, the truth will set us free. This is why you may notice that our activities get the whole family involved. For instance, in April we had a family day. They had fun, fell down, got dusty, laughed, and at the end of the afternoon, we shared the Good News.

God still rescues from addictions. He still restores families. My friend and pastor from a church nearby shared the Gospel. As a result, we were able to establish friendships with three additional families. They have demonstrated to be open to hear us and they feel comfortable sharing their family struggles. They come seeking for advice or assistance in guiding their teenagers.


They use sports, art, ESL classes, and kids outreaches like VBS to reach communities that have been traditionally closed to hearing the Good News.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray that God would send laborers to the harvest in Nicaragua
  • Pray that Alvaro and his team would be able to complete a shelter they began to build to host their ministries under
  • Pray for one of the Ramirez kids who will begin college in the United States
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