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Bringing the Word of God to a Public School

young people standing with books.

Editor's note: This piece was written by the partner and left unedited.

We want to share with you that we had an opportunity to go to a public school to share a christian magazine with Psalms and portions of the Gospel of John. The superintendent and the principal gave their okay because the school is having some students’ behaviors issues. There is alcohol and some marihuana being used.

While Erica came to the classrooms, she asked the students a simple question “How many of you have read the Bible?” Of the 50 students she met with only 3 said yes. We couldn’t believe it! The following week we were having a conversation with a young man in his late 20s.

When we told him what we had found out at the school, he wasn’t surprised. He said that when he was a teenager, he found a Bible in his parents’ bedroom, so he grabbed it only to be scolded by his mother with the following statement: “You can’t touch that book with your hands, put it back.” It wasn’t that his hands were dirty, he said. He told us that for a while he thought the book was really bad and that he needed to stay away from it.

We praise God, however, that he and his wife are attending a weekly Bible study with Erica and me. As a family we believe in the power of prayer above everything else. It doesn’t matter how strong you physically are or how well-thought out your plans are. If there is no prayer to close the gap, we work in vain, so please pray for us.


They use sports, art, ESL classes, and kids outreaches like VBS to reach communities that have been traditionally closed to hearing the Good News.

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