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Baptism and Baseball

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Smiling for Joy

“I gave my heart to Jesus over 30 years ago, but I have not been baptized,” said Rosario. She is an 80-year-old woman who spoke to Alvaro as he visited the town where she lives. “Would you help me?” Of course, he did! Alvaro and a visiting pastor from North America spoke with Rosario about her genuine faith in Christ and the meaning of baptism. On the day of her baptism, she was a bit nervous. A lot of her friends and neighbors had come to lend their support.

When Rosario came up from the water, she had the biggest smile. I have not seen such joy in a person after being baptized. It was contagious!


Pray for Rosario as she grows in her faith. She has been attending all the church services. She is praying for other family members who don’t know Jesus yet.

Baseball Ministry Bearing Fruit

Sports ministry is a tool that has opened doors for Alvaro and Erica to share the Gospel in Nicaragua. A recent update told about starting Sunday afternoon baseball. At 4:00 on Sunday afternoons, families gather for food, fellowship, and a friendly ballgame. Recently they shared that after one of the baseball gatherings, a teen boy named Byron asked for prayer because he had surrendered his life to Jesus. He now faithfully attends Wednesday morning Bible study. Pray for even more fruit from the sports ministry.




They use sports, art, ESL classes, and kids outreaches like VBS to reach communities that have been traditionally closed to hearing the Good News.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray that God would send laborers to the harvest in Nicaragua
  • Pray that Alvaro and his team would be able to complete a shelter they began to build to host their ministries under
  • Pray for one of the Ramirez kids who will begin college in the United States
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