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How Ministry in Romania Changed in One Weekend


North Americans can sit in the comfort of our homes watching the news of the war in the Ukraine. But that is not the case with those living nearby.

The war that has torn through many parts of Ukraine has now arrived at Romania's doorstep.

Christian Ungureanu, the leader of Spiritual Development and Women's Ministry, shared with Live Global how their ministry changed in one weekend.

"Come Monday Morning"

The invasion happened on Thursday, February 24 and “come Monday morning we were split up buying groceries, bedding, and basic necessities for the people we were preparing to serve," Christian said. "Our mother church Holy Trinity was being transformed into a refugee center and we were greatly needed in this moment of uncertainty.”

Christian, his family, and the congregation have been ministering to the Ukrainian people since then. Please pray for strength and endurance for those serving and for the refugees. Please also pray for financial donations as the daily expenses are not going away anytime soon.

Christian has been serving non-stop and some have even told him that he has been like an angel to them, showing them hope in a hopeless situation.

Opportunities to Share Christ

Amy, Christian’s wife, was recently in the hospital for an unexpected emergency operation.

"God was gracious and all went well and through this situation also gave many opportunities to share His great love there,” Christian said.

Please pray for healing and for those with whom they shared the Good News of Jesus Christ while in the hospital. 


the church is growing through a program called The Spiritual Development Plan in which the leaders teach basic Christian truths to people in their body.

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Make a Difference

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  • Pray for more people in Bucharest to be saved through the ministry of Christian and Amy's church.
  • Pray that God would grow the young adults being discipled to the point of being able to disciple others themselves
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