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Delivering Food to People Living Underground

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Cristian and Amy have been on the front lines of ministry in Ukraine since the war. They were able to enter the country and deliver food to those in need. Cristian also went with a group of men to deliver food and other necessities to Ukrainians who are still living underground. They are too afraid to come out.

When he was there last, the bomb alarms to take shelter were going off most of the night, but the Lord protected all of them and Cristi was like Jesus in the midst of the storm, he slept in perfect peace.”


The way God has orchestrated this to get the food to people living underground in Ukraine is amazing. It’s because of their partnership with others that much of this ministry is possible.

As Amy described it, “It's mind blowing to be part of what the Lord is doing.”

All the while, Cristian and Amy focus on evangelism and glorifying God while they do this hard work. Here’s a story from their trip to a refugee center:

“One older couple was very suspicious of us when they first arrived, but every day they took a step closer to getting to know us, until the special day they began greeting us with a hug and walking us out when we would leave.  Their last day in Snagov house was filled with joy but mostly tears.  They had become family.”

They also gave each person a Bible. The children received the Jesus Storybook Bible and the teens received the Action Bible.


the church is growing through a program called The Spiritual Development Plan in which the leaders teach basic Christian truths to people in their body.

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  • Pray for more people in Bucharest to be saved through the ministry of Christian and Amy's church.
  • Pray that God would grow the young adults being discipled to the point of being able to disciple others themselves
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