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From Darkness to Light, from Yesterday to Today

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Soura leaders know the Gospel story of their people. Like many cultures where literacy flounders in lack of resources, written language takes second place to diverse spoken languages. Oral storytelling thrives as a mode of remembering, sharing, and celebrating God’s pursuit of their people from yesterday to today. Together, they tell how today’s salvation begins with yesterday’s story.

Telling the Story of Yesterday

A Culture Night during the Soura Leaders Retreat provided time to share the story of their people through drama, music, and storytelling. A full cast of characters began by demonstrating the backdrop of animal sacrifice, idolatry, alcoholism, demonic dancing, animistic priests, and chaos. When a distant messenger came proclaiming truth, they resisted. They shunned any who dared follow him. Soura leaders shared all parts of their story, even the darkness. It’s part of God’s story of drawing them from darkness to light, from yesterday to today.

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Desperation increased in times of disease, the people searched for help and found none in their idols. Through a persistent foreign messenger, a Canadian missionary, even idol priests began to see the true God’s power. People saw how God answered their prayers, and over time, they began to learn and receive God’s truth. The moved towards the light of Christ. Singing and dancing that once displayed darkness was transformed into a celebration of worshiping the one true God. The group testimony didn’t end there.  

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Telling the Story of Today

The story continued with the addition of long-time Live Global partner, Planting 300 Churches. This partner linked Soura Leaders with Live Global, creating a Leaders Retreat to focus on “God’s Design for Family.” Biblical teaching focused on how God uses His truth in the family to equip His Church to reach the world. This partnership of partners begins a new chapter in the Soura Salvation Story.

To testify of their story from yesterday to today and who their response to “God’s Design for Family,” Soura friends acted out current struggles in their own households. In the final act, they portrayed children falling into temptation, husbands indifferent to leading their families, and wives unengaged in growing in godliness. The Soura have had the complete Bible since 1992, but the retreat helped them understand how God’s truth is personal. The Soura leaders want God’s truth to actively change their lives and their families.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart,” (Hebrews 4:12).

As the drama drew to a close with the Soura story of today, the father publicly repented to his wife and children, wept in sorrow, and asked forgiveness. They wrapped their arms around each other in prayerful commitment to let God use His Truth in their family to equip His Church to reach the world.

Today’s salvation begins with yesterday’s story.

Join in God’s Soura Story Tomorrow

Through the work of Live Global’s partner in the region, God is using His Word to move in the lives and ministries of the new Soura partner. As we give and pray for the ministry of Soura Leader Development, we join in as part of the Soura Gospel Story.

Pray for Soura leaders to continue to understand how God wants to use His truth to impact lives today. Technology presses in to this group long untouched by outside influences, and believers want to learn how to apply God’s truth for life in their marriages, parenting, leadership, and evangelism of their people.


Leaders reached out for Soura Leader Development (India) to partner with Live Global to strengthen the work of the gospel in their region.

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  • Pray for those men who lead congregations throughout the Soura homeland to have unity as a group.
  • Ask God to give understanding to those teaching and modeling His word in churches.
  • Pray for the pastors of Soura churches as they mentor younger men to learn to lead.
  • Pray for the women as they seek to learn what God's plans are for them in their churches and homes.
  • Ask God to provide government favor for this group as they live in a land where false gods are worshiped.
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