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Even Atheist Agree to Pray: An Update from Ukraine

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“Going through the hell of war it is hard to remain an atheist,” Volodymyr and Maria wrote from Ukraine. When Volodymyr and Maria returned to Odessa, they began volunteering to visit soldiers who have been wounded at the front lines. When they take food and clothing, they also share the Gospel and pray. “When we offer to pray for them and with them, they always agree.”

Sharing Hope and Comfort with Wounded Soldiers

The wounded arrive at the hospital without sufficient clothing or supplies. Volunteers bring socks, underwear, shoes, personal hygiene products, and favorite treats such as chocolate. Most importantly, Volodymyr and Maria say, “We can give them a word of hope and comfort. This is the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

A Church in Ukraine Meet Community Needs

Volodymyr reports how House of Gospel Church is actively meeting wartime needs in their community. They are helping to evacuate people from dangerous areas. The church provides food, clothing, linens, and other supplies to refugees. They prepared a bomb shelter and people from the neighborhood who need shelter are always welcome. “Thank God that at such a difficult time for Ukraine the church is alive and is showing others the love of God. The church is overflowing with people, many of whom are refugees.”

Pray for Volodymyr and Maria as they minister to others and share the Gospel. Pray for Christians and churches in Ukraine as they reach out to their communities with love and Good News. Pray about how you might be able to encourage and support them.


Volodymyr and Maria Sagadyeyev aid the development of local churches in Ukraine through small group discipleship ministries.

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  • Pray that God would give them strength to witness to and care for Ukrainians throughout the war and its after effects.
  • Pray that God would raise up godly men and women though the faithfulness of Volodymyr and Maria.
  • Ask God to provide for Volodymyr and Maria as they serve in ministry.
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