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Outreach in India, Season of Joy

Delhi Outreach in India

It’s December! The busiest time of the year for ministry. Paul and Hannah and their team go into turbo mode all month. They host celebrations, trainings, and outreach events. The church looks forward to neighborhood Christmas caroling each year. They take hope-filled services to share the Good News of the Savior with the curious Hindu people around them. Also, Pastor Paul gathers a large group of city pastors and their families to encourage each other. A twelve-hour weekend training follows to equip people in sharing the Good News and for discipleship with another group.

Christmas is a CRUCIAL month for outreach!” - Pastor Paul

Season of Discovery - a Child

Each year, the church invites the neighborhood to participate in a Christmas service. People come out of curiosity to see the strange traditions of singing, decorations, and celebration. At the celebrations, they hear the message of the Gospel presented for their hearts. This is usually the first time they hear about the One God who made, them, loves them, and came in the form of a child to grow into a man to be crucified and resurrected to provide payment for their sin.

Church plants, developed in slums, now hold services at each location. This multiplies the number of people hearing about Jesus. This also creates greater openness in the community, as people receive invitations to partake in celebrations. People see and feel the love God has for them, demonstrated through believers as they interact. Walls come down for the church and for the Gospel.

Season of New Birth - a Church

In the midst of all this, Peter and Hannah walk through open doors in the city section where they live. They're planting a new church among another unreached people group — the middle class. God placed them in a community of professionals. He connected them to a small group of followers with a desire to evangelize and disciple people around them.

Truly, this is a hard group to reach. Due to their prosperity, this group thinks they are high up in caste/karma levels. They do not want to jeopardize their religious standing. Through their growing personal relationships and the joy they see in Paul and Hannah, these people find themselves drawn to the Good News.

Season of Hope - a Challenge

Of course, during December, all other ministries continue as well. Pastor Paul and Hannah host all of these activities with their team. Training events, services, and programs happen in a variety of rented rooms and spaces in the bustling metropolis city. The ministry’s growth, diversity, and development put pressure on the limited facilities. This prompts the leaders to focus on the challenges and benefits of purchasing a facility to provide a stable hub for the work to grow and allow for:

Please join Peter and Hannah as they seek the Lord’s direction and provision of needed facilities for the next season of ministry in 2022 and beyond.

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Paul set aside his medical practice to get involved in developing Bible studies in the universities. This ministry has expanded into the slums.

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  • Pray the Lord protects the slum kids and that the begin to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for new believers to grow in knowing and loving Jesus.
  • Pray for wisdom with what outreach opportunities to pursue.
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