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"If You're Going to Convert Me, I Would Rather Die"

I would rather die

In the 1950s there was a young man living in India. He was a staunch Hindu. His father was the chosen man of the village to chant Hindu mantras throughout the night for the people of the village.  He was smart and staunch in his Hindu beliefs. 

"I Would Rather Die"

One day, he was struck with tuberculosis. In those days, this was a deadly disease that had to be treated in the hospital for months. The only hospital in this young man’s village was a Christian hospital run by Christian missionaries. 

He went to this hospital but openly said, “If you are going to treat me, then treat me; but if you are going to convert me, I would rather die.”  The hospital responded that they of course would treat him, and so this young Indian man was in this missionary hospital for months. 

"The Bible Found Fault in Me"

During his time in the hospital, there was a nurse that kept bringing him a Bible to read.  She would encourage him that this was the truth. 

This man would respond, “Hinduism is like an ocean; Christianity is like a drop in a bucket.” Finally, he broke down and started reading the Bible. He read it three times to find fault in the Bible, but in his own words, “The Bible found fault in me. I am not a god, but a sinner.” 

He was impacted by the verse, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" (Mark 8:36) And so, this young man bowed his head to the one true God and repented of his sins, putting his faith in Jesus Christ!

He was baptized and discipled by the American missionaries and was given work at the Christian book store, where they openly gave out tracts all over town. 

"I Can't Go Against God"

One day, he was working and the men of his village came to meet him.  They were angry with his conversion and brought shame to the whole village, openly proclaiming Christ to all! 

They demanded he return to the village and deny this Christianity, or die.  This young, 19-year-old man boldly stood there and told the crowd, “You can try, but God is the One who has changed my heart. I did not change myself. I can’t go against God.”  

The crowd was more angry, but one elderly man calmed them down and explained, “This boy is young and naive. He is always here. We can come anytime to get him. Let’s leave him be today.” And the crowd left. 

This young man continued proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the whole town, even going door-to-door! He was compelled to tell everyone about the hope he had found in Jesus Christ! 

This Man's Future Legacy

Meet Paul

Dr. Paul, a medical doctor turned full-time evangelist

After a few years, this man was asked to be the pastor of a new church plant.  This man has continued to preach and teach the gospel faithfully in the church and to all those who will listen for the past 58 years.

This man is Dr. Paul's father. Dr. Paul, a medical doctor turned full-time evangelist, leads a highly-effective ministry to the slums and universities in Delhi, India. 

Meet Dr. Paul


Paul set aside his medical practice to get involved in developing Bible studies in the Delhi universities. This ministry has expanded into the slums.

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