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God is Doing Great Things in the City


Our God is working through His body as the population of India increases. Dr. Paul and Hannah have been planting and growing multiple fellowships. From the first local gathering, CBC, four more have taken root in communities we'll identify as N, B, M, and J. And in the last year, despite the devastation of the pandemic in India, a new fellowship grew up in G. God is doing great things in the city.

Great Things Along the Railroad in B

The B community lives along both sides of a busy railroad, in walking distance from the first fellowship planted by Dr. Paul and Hannah—CBC.  Mostly factory workers or day laborers live here. Every Sunday, the B community of 15-20 regular attendees gather in the CBC building. Six of them believe in Jesus. Would you pray for the remaining ones to put their faith in Christ?

At the B fellowship, the team is made up of a married couple and a single man. Throughout the week they tutor children, visiting parents in their homes.  

They also hold a weekly Teen Club, using parables to share the Good News.  On Sundays, women meet to discuss the Good News.  With the core group of six believers, the B team would like to reach out to 100 different people in the area to effectively share the Good News and bring them to church.

Would you pray for the B fellowship along the railroad to grow?

Light Among Darkness in N

The fellowship in N started over 10 years ago with the Child Health & Education Program (CHEP).  Many CBC members and leaders were once children and teens in the CHEP program. Most of the people in the N community are daily wage earners. They are a mixture of Hindu and Muslim people.

Three team members lead a weekly Sunday afternoon gathering of 12-15 believers. During the week, they serve the community through the CHEP program, home visits to families, a weekly Teen Club, and Children's Club!  This year they plan to start youth sporting outreaches and regular health checkups.  

Dr. Paul says, "They are devoted worshippers of darkness, and we long to see them step into the light."

Would you pray for the N fellowship and the team of three to grow?

Belief Among Youth in M

Home to about 60,000 mostly Hindu people, many in M work in factories or are day laborers or housemaids. Since the area is so large, the team focuses on the southern part. They serve the M community by offering medical checkups, kids and youth camps, and mothers' and fathers' fellowships.

The M team, like others, focuses on reaching youth first. They hold weekly English classes and computer classes. They have a prayer fellowship on Sundays. One family came to faith, and 15-20 kids regularly come to weekly meetings. Five girls and one boy profess faith, and one girl desires to take the bold step to publically show her faith, despite her family's beliefs and cultural practices. The M community and the team there needs your prayer.

Would you pray for the M team and the growing fellowship there?

Diversity in the J Community

The J team emphasizes the diversity in their community, with families from many different Indian states. They who work as day laborers or run small shops and food stands, and most are illiterate. Social and racial barriers between various castes and people groups create a struggle. Still, the team visits about 25 families regularly. Each Sunday 15 to 20 people, including five believers, gather. A Sunday Children's Club regularly welcomes 30 to 40 kids.

Most of the ministry in the J community is to women and children. The J team also serves the community through tutoring in literacy, computer classes, and English classes. The J team plans to continue reaching a group in J considered low-caste and untouchable—these "untouchables" go door to door begging for alms. Even children discriminate against them.

Would you pray for the J Team as they reach out to those no one will touch?

Great Things in G with Great Influence

Almost two million people call this city heir home. Known as a financial and technology hub, if you call a company and an Indian voice answers the phone, it’s often a person in G. All large companies of the West headquarter in G, making it an influential area.

G meets every Saturday for a service in a home, with 20 people coming regularly. This includes families, young kids, singles, and regular visitors. Throughout the week, Dr. Paul and Hannah visit homes, host people in their home, and meet individually with the members. They look forward to offering counseling and seminars to discuss relevant issues and reach the very lonely and well-educated population.

Would you pray for the G fellowship as God's Word influences them and they influence others?

Would you pray for the fellowships planted and growing in N, B, M, J, and G?

*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


Paul set aside his medical practice to get involved in developing Bible studies in the universities. This ministry has expanded into the slums.

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  • Pray the Lord protects the slum kids and that the begin to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for new believers to grow in knowing and loving Jesus.
  • Pray for wisdom with what outreach opportunities to pursue.
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