About Outreach in Slums and Universities

Meet Paul, a highly-educated medical doctor in India. Several years back he went to Delhi for further study and was stopped in his tracks when he saw the tremendous need and opportunity to engage university students in discussions of faith. Later, Paul set aside his medical practice completely to get involved full-time in developing Bible studies and doing outreach to the university community. This ministry has since expanded into a multi-faceted ministry, including outreach to the slums and church planting efforts.

Paul is a dynamic evangelist and apologist. He works with all strata of society. University kids have come to Christ and now many of them lead their own ministries in the slums in Delhi. What began as Paul's Bible studies at the university have grown into full-blown churches. It's exciting to see the university students grow in their faith as they graduate, get married, and begin discipling their own kids in a knowledge of the one true God.

From a music academy, to church planters training, to intense two-year discipleship programs, to coffee chop chats, this Delhi university ministry is growing because of the Lord's faithfulness to answer prayer.

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