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Outreach in Slums and Universities

North India
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About Outreach in Slums and Universities

Outreach in Slums and Universities began as simple Bible studies among university students in Delhi. The leader of this ministry, Dr. Paul, would also take the students on outreach trips to the slums to practice sharing their faith. As university kids and people from the slums have come to Christ, many of them now lead their own ministries throughout Delhi. From a music academy, to church planters training, to intense two-year discipleship programs, to coffee chop chats, this Delhi university ministry is growing because of the Lord's faithfulness to answer prayer. Read Paul's full testimony.

Meet the Leader: Paul

Dr. Paul was a highly-educated medical doctor in India. But when he went back school for further study, he was stopped in his tracks when he saw the tremendous need and opportunity to engage university students in discussions of faith. During this time, God also gave Paul compassion for people in slums, which are often located right next to prestigious universities. Paul is a dynamic evangelist and apologist. Together with his wife, Hannah, he is now devoted full-time to developing Bible studies, discipling university students, and training them to share their faith among the people in slums and all throughout India.

Latest Updates from Outreach in Slums and Universities

Students and Slums
How Students and Slums Prepared for Suffering

Before Covid-19 a couple developed Bible studies, discipled students & equipped leaders as the pandemic descended on students and slums.

outreach slums universities
Coronavirus: Fellowship in the Slums of India

As Coronavirus bleeds into the masses of India, one leader & his team care for slum communities. One family finds fellowship through a phone on the floor.

Using Juxtaposition in India to Share Christ

Universities next to slums. Our Live Global national partner we call Paul has decided to maximize this juxtaposition for God's glory.

I would rather die
"If You're Going to Convert Me, I Would Rather Die"

He went to the missionary hospital but openly said, “If you are going to treat me, then treat me; but if you are going to convert me, I would rather die.”

Meet Paul
Meet Paul, Medical Doctor Turned Evangelist

For the first time, Dr. Paul had to research the spiritual needs of his own country, and the Lord used that to prick his heart for the land of India!

Outreach With a Music Academy?

Recently, the leaders of this work have been given an exciting new opportunity to purchase a music studio which would allow them to reach out to middle class families in their community. So far, the leader’s work has been focused on slum outreach and college students. Those in the middle class, like many areas of […]

10 New Believers Baptized!

On May 5, we had the honor of “dunking” 10 new believers! Half of them were from a slum and the other half were from a new area where we have been working. They were from all different backgrounds and all 1st generation Believers – kids from our tutoring program, a mother & son (whose […]

It All Started 6 Years Ago With a Vision

In 2006, the ministry started a tutoring program to help slum kids finish school. Six years later, they had their first group of students finish 12th grade!! These are the first kids in their families to go through 12th grade; and even better, all are planning to go on to college!! Even more exciting is […]

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    • Pray the Lord protects the slum kids and that the begin to follow Jesus.
    • Pray for new believers to grow in knowing and loving Jesus.
    • Pray for wisdom with what outreach opportunities to pursue.
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