digital media and technology

Serve with Technology and Digital Media

Use technology and digital media to tell God’s story

A Global


Serving with technology and digital media by partnering with national Christians through Live Global meets a global need.

A Digital World

The world’s population is online, and internet searches are the primary place people go with spiritual questions in closed countries.

Connecting the Good News

The skills to leverage photography, design, video, social media, and technology are more crucial than ever to share the good news alongside national partners on a global scale.

There are numerous ways you can use your skills to serve

Graphic Design
Content Writing
Cyber Security
Web Development
Social Media
unreached people group in asia

A mobile app gets the gospel to the unreached

Work in Progress: Myanmar

Myanmar national Christians have access to unreached people groups. They have the language skills and audio recordings to communicate the gospel. On the other side of the world, a Bible translation ministry had software to create a mobile app with audio. Then, Alistair with a PhD in computer science took the audio recordings and used the software to create a mobile app for each translation. A full-time Live Global team member coordinated the pieces. Today the gospel is going out in native tongues to unreached people groups all over Myanmar.

Get Involved

Aid in front-line evangelism. Advocate and support national leaders. Develop apps and software that aid evangelism. Tell stories of national partners. Build cyber infrastructures to further ministry efforts. Serve with a global missions family using your technical skills.

Meet the Technology Team Lead: Allen


Allen used to be a rocket scientist, but now he is serving with technology to use the skills God gave him to further Gospel efforts around the world.

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