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Baptism and Persecution

reading the Gospel booklets

By now most of the world has forgotten about the military coup that happened in Myanmar in February, 2021. But, for the Live Global national partners who live there, life with uncertainty and increased violence, plus increased sickness and death due to unrestrained COVID-19 cases, has become their new reality. Sadly, it's a massive change from the direction the country was heading before. For several years before the coup, the country was seeing advancements in the economy, infrastructure, social freedoms, and more.

One thing that hasn't changed is the possibility of persecution for faith in Christ, especially in some of the more rural areas of Myanmar. God has given much grace and wisdom to our partners who serve in areas like those, as they navigate the ins and outs of ministry under unfavorable circumstances.

Suan has been engaged in ministry among rural Burmese throughout all the changes of the past several years. He shares a story of how God has worked through his Gospel efforts.

Faith in Christ

Last year myself and three of our house church leaders went to several villages to pass out The Ancient Path Gospel tracts and to distribute covid-19 emergency food relief to the poorest ones in the village. While my 3 elders went out door to door in the village passing out TAPs and some bags of rice, cooking oil, I shared the Gospel with some elderly people and a young man in the village. They were very interested in the message of the cross that I shared with them, therefore they invited me back.

Suan did go back—twice more. In Suan's third visit, a couple and the young man professed that they believe Jesus is the only true God. They professed that He is the Son of God who overcome death. They also expressed a desire to be baptized for their faith.

People who trusted Christ


When this group's Buddhist neighbors heard the news that three people from their village decided to get baptized and follow Christ, they threatened to forcefully remove them out of their village if they did. Suan heard of the news, but couldn't do anything except visit them, sit with them, and pray with them.

Some villagers even told them that I would be in danger if I visited their village again in the future. These new converts have no land and no money to build a new house in another place. Therefore, the old couple backed down from getting baptized, but they still profess Jesus is the only way to escape hell. They still wanted the Bible and Gospel booklet Suan gave to them.


But, by God's grace, the young man and his mom did get baptized and moved out to the nearest mountain village before their old village could do anything to them. Suan even helped build their new bamboo house. Now they have become Suan's mission center to reach other villages over those mountains.

Getting baptized

Join us in praying for Suan, these multiple people who have professed faith in Christ, and the villagers who still don't.


In 2009, Suan and his wife were called to reach rural Burmese Buddhists who had no idea who Jesus is.

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  • Pray for God to open the hearts of people who are not worshiping the one true God.
  • Pray for protection for Suan and Lyn as they give their lives to ministry in Myanmar.
  • Pray for protection for Suan and Lyn's four daughters and that they will know and trust Jesus from a young age.
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